Solomons knot tea light holder

This is how to crochet a cover to fit a little jar measuring 9cm high x 7cm diameter

You can easily alter this pattern to fit any size jar

Solomon knot 4. Solomon knot 4

I used:
9cm x 7cm jam jar
2ply yarn
Size 2.5mm hook
Glass wine (optional)

For the photos, I used a chunky yarn so you can see the stitches
I have also used American crochet terms
Here, single crochet (sc) = UK double crochet
dc = UK treble crochet

1: ch 7
2: join with slip stitch to make ring

Solomon's knot 1 Solomon's knot 1

Making the Solomon's Knot

3: draw out the loop on your hook to the desired length. To fit my jar, I used a thumb-nail's width, but you could make it longer if needed
4: yarn over

Solomon's knot 1 Solomon's knot 1

5: draw through, keeping all threads the same length
6: hook through the back thread

Solomon's knot 1 Solomon knot 2

7: yarn over
8: pull through (2 loops on hook)

Solomon knot 2 Solomon knot 2

9: yarn over again
10: draw through both loops

Solomon knot 2 Solomon knot 2

Ta daaaaaaaaaaa! One Solomon's knot completed.

Repeat steps 3-10. You now have 2 sks, which is the basis for the pattern

Solomon knot 3 Solomon knot 3

11: make a single crochet into the ring

Solomon knot 3 Solomon knot 3
You should now have one 'petal' completed.

12: draw up the loop on your hook again. Repeat steps 3-11 until you have 6 petals around your ring

Solomon knot 4 Solomon knot 4

13: Make one more Solomon's knot (sk). Make a sc into the end of the 1st sk. Round 1 complete

Round 2 and beyond ..

14: make 2 sk, 1sc into the end of next sk (the top of the petal) Repeat 5 more times to complete the round

15: continue making rounds until your crochet reaches the neck of the jar. For my jar, this was 8 more

Now to join the Solomon's knots around the top. This took me a few goes to get right for my jar

16: ch6, 1sc in the top of next sk. Repeat around to join all sks. Ch 4. Turn, ch1

17: sc 46. Turn ch3

18: dc 46. Turn ch 3

19: dc 46

20: make edging if you like.I used a picot stitch. Finsh off. Leave long end for joining

Now fit crochet onto jar and stitch together the join around the neck of the jar. Finish off, weave in ends

21: admire your lovely work. Add tea light and bask in its calm glow

Well I hope that works for you.

Enjoy, and do let me know how you get on.