Tuesday 19 April 2011

**What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster?**

No, not a monster exactly but a handmade crochet dolly for my little Number 2.

Dolly beginnings

Being a beginner in this big ol' crochet world, and having no idea where to start, I looked for some inspiration and found one of my mum's knitting books by Fiona Goble, 'Knitivity'.

So I used Fiona's knitting pattern for a basic doll and had a go at converting it into A crochet-amigurumi pattern. Not too bad, I think, even though it looks a bit mental.

Bare dolly!

Ahh, much improved by the simple addition of chain stitch hair..

Dressed doll

A little crochet dress helps things along too. Much less monstrous. (Although I think I made the dress a bit too wide at the bottom and not quite long enough for my liking- I'll have another go soon)


  1. Well hello there. You have the prettiest blog ( I love the background. You are so clever, I think the doll is perfect. I prefer making dolls for my daughters.P.s, thanks for stopping by at my blog and commenting. so sweet of you. Jo x

  2. Oh, squeeeee! That's so completely adorable! That little blue dress totally kills me--I love it. Must. make. one. now....

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments! Great to know that I'm making things that other people think are ok!


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