Thursday 31 December 2015

EXTREME crochet

I've only gone and done it again.
Not satisfied with writing one book this year, I decided to do another...

And not just any old crochet book, either. 
EXTREME crochet.

But what on earth can you do with EXTREME crochet*, I bet you're wondering...?

My answer, dear reader is this: Imagine the biggest hooks, the chunkiest yarns and some stuff that's not even yarn at all and you're on the right track. Choose chunky, high-loft woollen yarns, or fabric and T-shirt yarns, string, rope, washing line or even make your own. If it's long and cord-like, then you can probably crochet with it. So what can you do with extreme crochet? Anything you like! It's perfect for maxing out the classics; want a cushion? Super-size it with big yarn. A blanket? Whip up one in a day with mega wool. A necklace? Walk on the wild side with funky T-shirt yarn. Extreme crochet doesn't have to mean that everything you make is massive, just that everything you make is awesome. 

*apologies to some of my friends who had hoped that Extreme crochet meant crocheting whilst abseiling down a cliff, or strapped to the roof of a tank. That will be another book, I promise.

And so my book is a collection of 8 simple patterns, from homewares to accessories and is available (to date) from here.


Sarah xx


  1. Oh, well done you. Great start to the New Year. Good Luck with your new book. Off to have a proper look at it now.

  2. Whaa clever fruit you are. You must be so proud of yourself! Well done. happy new year x x x

  3. Terrible errors in that last one. Holding Rose while typing......soz. Xx

  4. That's wonderful Sarah, Happy New Year and hope to see you soon. I'm going to organise a birthday IG lunch as its a big bday!! February half term, I'll keep you posted love Marisa xx


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