Thursday 15 December 2016

The Little Snowman

Our story begins early one December morning...

It had been snowing overnight and two children from the little Alpine village made a Snowman.

In wonder he watched as they carefully dressed him in an old blue hat, with a carrot for a nose and a bright red scarf to keep him warm. 

But they had forgotten one thing and this made the Snowman sad.

Day by day, as Christmas approched, the festivities of the Yule market surrounded him.

He loved to see the magnificent tree and hear the bustle and chatter of the people preparing for the holidays.

But still, he was sad.  

Even the arrival of a man dressed in red, who bought gifts for the children and made them so happy, could not lift the Snowman's spirits. 

It was Christmas Eve when the Snowman noticed that the children had made another Snowman in the village and he looked enviously upon him, for he had the one thing the Snowman desired...

The next morning was Christmas Day and the church bells rang as the villagers celebrated, sharing presents and singing together. 

And the Snowman? 

His heart overflowed with happiness and joy, for he had the one thing he wanted so much - arms of his very own.

Footnote. When questioned by the children, the Snowman claimed that he 'found' the arms on the floor and that he had 'no idea' what happened to the children's second Snowman, suggesting that there must have been a freak accident, of which he was 'not involved'.

If you'd like to make your own Little Snowman, here's the pattern (written in U.K. Terms. - for US , read dc as sc)

You'll need
A small amount of DK yarn (I used Rico Creative Cotton Aran in White, Turquoise, Orange and Red)
3.5mm hook (or one which matches your yarn)
Toy stuffing
2 x 6mm safety eyes
Glue gun - cos I am lazy (optional)
Small piece of card (optional)

Worked in rounds. Stuff as you go.
1: In white, 6dc in magic ring or ch2, 6dc in 2nd ch from hook. (6 sts)
2-3: 2dc in each st around. (24)
4-8: 1dc in each st around.
9: (2dc, dc2tog) repeat around. (18) Insert eyes.
10: dc2tog around (9)
11: 1dc in each st around.
12: 2dc in each st around. (18)
13-14: 1dc in each st around.
15: (2dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around. (24)
16-17: 1dc in each st around.
18: (7dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around. (27)
19-20: 1dc in each st around.
21: (1dc, dc2tog) repeat around. (18)
22: dc2tog around. (9)
23: dc2tog x 3
Sew closed.

1: In turquoise, 5dc in magic ring or ch2, 5dc in 2nd ch from hook. (5sts)
2-3: 2dc in each st around. (20 sts)
4: in BLO, (dc2, dc2tog) repeat around. (15)
5: 1dc in each st around.
6. (1dc, dc2tog) repeat around. (10)
 7. 1dc in each st around.
8: in FLO, 2dc in each st around. (20)
 9. (3dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around. (25)

1: In Orange, 3dc in magic ring or ch2, 3dc in 2nd ch from hook (3sts)
2-3: 1dc in each st around.

1: in red, ch40
2: 1tr in each st to end (beginning in 4th ch from hook)

To make up:
Cut around a 2p coin and insert into top of hat. Stuff hat.

Because I am sooooo lazy (and because my snowman is for decorative purposes only) I fired up my hot glue gun and stuck the hat and carrot in place. PVA glue would work, too.
Don't feel you have to adhere to my slovenly ways- you can stitch yours if you'd prefer.

I hope your Little Snowman is happy in your house this Christmas time  - just don't let him near the playmobile Snowman- there's no telling what he might get up to...

Happy, happy Christmas to you all,

Sarah xxx    


  1. So cute, both the snowman and the story!!

    1. Thanks, Sandra- so glad you enjoyed the post. I had great fun writing it, too.
      Happy Christmas,
      Sarah xx

  2. Love the story and adore the snowman, thank you for the pattern. Happy Christmas x

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy making your Snowman,
      Happy Christmas to you, too.
      Sarah xx

  3. Thank you for the pattern Sarah and I have printed it ready for the off. What a lovely snowman story too. Happy Christmas to you. Love Joy xx

    1. Thanks for commenting, Joy! I'm so glad you like the pattern. I hope you enjoy making your snowman.
      Kind wishes,
      Sarah xx

  4. What a cute story! I pinned this post.

    1. Hi, Stefanie!!
      So glad you like the post and thanks so much for pinning it, too!!
      Happy Christmas to you,
      Sarah xxx

  5. Such a cute snow man. I loved the story too. I am wondering if I can find time to make one before Christmas.

    1. Oh, thanks Julie!
      I hope you find the time to make your own snowman!
      Happy Christmas,
      Sarah xx

  6. Hahaha! I love the story and the little snowman - many thanks for sharing your pattern. Have a fab Christmas x Hayley x

    1. Hi Hayley!
      Thanks for commenting- I'm so glad you like the Snowman!
      Wishing you a super Christmas,
      Sarah xx

  7. Adorable as always Sarah. I think the blue top hat does it...or perhaps that posh red scarf.....whatever ...he's smashing :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

    1. Oh thank you, Amanda - so lovely to hear from you!
      So glad you like the Snowman.
      Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas,
      Love Sarah xx

  8. Hahahahaa!! Oh how I love this story so much! I always knew there was something about Snowmen. You can see it in their eyes - they're sort of 'creepy cute' I think. I love this one so much. Thanks for sharing x

    1. You're right about the snowmen- creepy-cute sums them up perfectly, I think!!
      Have a fab Christmas xxx

  9. Oh Sarah, I love your story, so sweet xx

    1. Thanks, Jo!!
      Happy Christmas to you and your family,
      Sarah xxx

  10. Awww,adorable.I love your blog.x

  11. Hi Lee,
    Thanks so much! That's a wonderful compliment,
    Happy Christmas to you!
    Sarah xx


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