Wednesday 30 March 2011

Bargain booty!

So, it's just your average Wednesday and i've popped into the village to pick up some bits for lunch and have a mooch in the charity shops....

Well imagine my surprise to find the following treasures tucked into the rails:

Firstly, this gorgeous Lulu lemon hoodie for only £4: 

Fab lulu lemon hoodie

Next, a beautiful beaded-crochet top from Whistles for just 650 pennies:

Bargain Whistles top

Close up of top

Wow! I just couldn't leave it behind. Not sure how I'll wear it yet, but am imagining a pair of skinnies and some damn high heels:

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Am loving the garden ...

Really love being in the garden at the moment; weather is warm enough be coat-less and kids are happy enough to play happily.

Found this little fairy-sized bird box buried under piles of old leaves and thought it should be liberated. Cute eh?

Fairy bird-box

Also had fun at the weekend potting up these fiery Polyanthus.

Red Polyanthus

Fiery Polyanthus

They certainly cheer up the end of the garden and will brighten up a dark day too.

Monday 28 March 2011

Tweak bunny finished!

At last! And I don't mind admitting that it's taken me longer than I'd liked, but Tweak bunny is done!
(For anyone without jam-eaters, Tweak is a character from a kid's telly programme called the Octonauts)


I'm pleased with how she's turned out.


The Octomates together:


All the characters are based on Ana Paula Rimoli's 'Valentine Bears' pattern from "Amigurumi World Seriously Cute Crochet" and I am loving making them. Thanks, Ana.

Friday 25 March 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside ...

Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous was the weather today in beautiful Sussex.
Enjoyed a very lovely morning down at Littlehampton with numbers 1 and 2. The tide was way out, so we played for ages on the soft sand and relished the warm spring sunshine.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside ..

VERY sad that the ice-cream booth on the prom was closed and that the little land train wasn't running.
However, VERY pleased that the amusements/ rides weren't open, otherwise it would have cost me a fortune.

Just a ickle sandcastle

Bring on the summer ...

Thursday 24 March 2011

Ninja Turtle no more!

Am pleased to say that the addition of ears has helped Tweak bunny no end ...


Just need to find the time to finish her off ..*sigh*

Monday 21 March 2011

Sound the Octo-alert: the beginnings of Tweak Bunny

So, in order to keep Number 1 happy, I've finally agreed to crochet a Tweak Bunny for him. This involves using Ana Paula Rimoli's basic instructions for a teddy bear ami and playing around a bit with the pattern.

So far, said bunny looks a bit like a Ninja turtle, but am hoping that a pair of ears will sort it out! ...

The beginnings of Tweak bunny

Am quite pleased so far (so long as ninja turtle-ness disappears).

Thursday 17 March 2011

Dougie's tulips!

Saw my lovely friend, Dougie today and managed to snatch a great piccie of her tulips (oo, behave!) maybe she should be worried about where else I have been with my camera....

More tulips!

Here's also a great pic of some roses I had been given by my other half's mum:

Spring roses

Love antique shops

Had a couple of good finds at the local village antique shop: this little vintage chair, which my little girl loves (bargain find for 11 quid).

Dark chair

Also found this great little turned wood bowl. Absolute bargain for just 2 English pounds:

Little wooden bowl
Will look lovely with my tomatoes in it.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Springtime Korknisse

I think I am addicted to making these little fellas. Am envisaging more themes for them already - summer korknisse? Halloween korknisse? Royal Wedding Korknisse, anyone?!

Spring korknisse party!

I'm happy with how they've all turned out quite differently. My favourite is probably the lilac one. Or maybe the one with the mad pom-pom hat.

Korknisse nice hat
Nice hat

5 little korknisse
5 little Korknisse

4 little korknisse
4 little Korknisse

Monday 14 March 2011

Pretty Barbie!

I've also been having a go at making the lovely Barbie some crocheted clothes. I have to admit, it's taken me a while to get the right yarn and hook size, but they're a reasonable start, I think! Thanks to patterns from Julie A. Bolduc and also Lynne Sears at Barbie Basics.

Green dress Barbie

A sort-of Tinkerbell dress!I adapted one of Julie Boulduc's patterns here. This used Dk yarn and a 4.5mm hook. Am quite pleased with this.

Pretty Barbie

This pink Barbie basics pattern is great; I used some yarn I picked up in a charity shop and and a size 3.5mm hook. For the next one I will try a 3mm.
This is one of Lynne Sears'.
I love finding a bargain, whether it be charity shop, antique stall or high street. I had a good couple of finds in a local charity shop. Firstly this seriously cute heart-decorated cushion (perfect condition and feather-filled too!)
I thought it would look good on my daughter's chair in her room...

New cushion

The white knitted blanket on the right was made by my mum when my son was born. It's a copy of one I had as a baby.


My next find was't as pretty but boy, is it functional!

Crafty drawers!

Will be great with all my crafty bits in. At some point, I'll re-paint it and make it look a bit more glam.

Thursday 3 March 2011

The tables are turned!

Today I had the pleasure of teaching my mum to crochet!
She is already an accomplished and very clever knitter and had tried the korknisse but fancied trying the crochet option. This is what she made:

Mum's korknisse

I think he's lovely! Plenty more of these to come, I'm sure.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Such a cute dress

I picked up this dress in Brighton at the weekend. I love its cute 70's floral pattern.

Close up of dress print

Might have to layer it up with boots and a warm cardi as I don't think I can wait until the summer to wear it!

Tuesday 1 March 2011

A little practise ...

I'm just practising a few stitches from a random pattern. Got in a right muddle to start, but have completed a few more rows since the photo and have got into the swing of things! Will probably unravel this lot and find my next project; have ordered some crafty bits so will look for some inspiration.

Hearty soup

Brownie points to me, I think for creating such a healthy lunch: chorizo, butter beans and whatever looked like veg from the fridge.