Tuesday 29 October 2013

Mister Fox

And so here he is:
Mister Fox.

A little pattern I've been working on recently.

He's crocheted in the round, amigurumi-style and measures abut 25cms tall.
I used my favourite Rico Creative Cotton and a 4mm hook. 

If you fancy making one, then head on over to my Etsy shop (just over there on my left side bar) and purchase yourself a pattern! 

I do hope you like him.

Enjoy your week,
Sarah xx

Thursday 24 October 2013


I recently had an interesting comment on an old post, which got me to thinking about an issue I've been debating for a while, concerning my patterns and the products made from them.

I have always asked people not to sell the items they make for the simple reason that I sell them in my little (shelf in a) shop in Arundel. And one day, I thought I would have my Etsy shop full of crocheted creations too.

Well, the latter has not happened. I just do not have the time.
Besides, I really prefer working on new designs (that fox is on my hook just now) and so my Etsy shop is full of crochet patterns.

And so I have decided that the products made from all my designs (whether purchased, or free) can be sold wherever you choose. I just kindly ask that credit for the design is referred back to me here, or at my Etsy shop, depending on the origin of the pattern.

Happy making, everyone.

Sarah x

Thursday 17 October 2013

Mini Crochet Stocking

So one of the lovely gals from the world of Instagram asked me if I had a simple pattern for a mini Christmas stocking.
I didn't. 
So I sat down and made one. (No, this is a lie. I stood and made it whilst cooking the kid's tea)
It ain't nothing grand, but a simple stocking it is.

The pattern is worked in continuous rounds, so don't turn your work. The Double Crochets (UK Trebles) make up the heel part of the stocking.

Mini Crochet Stocking

You will need:

Yarn of your choice and a hook to match.

(I used RICO Creative Cotton and a 4mm hook)

Stitch Marker

Tapestry (blunt needle) for fastening off the end.


Stitches and Abbreviations:

I use US terms, so single crochet is the same as UK double crochet here. Double crochet is the same as UK Treble Crochet

Single crochet (sc)

Double crochet (dc)

Stitches (sts)

Single Crochet 2 Together (sc2tog)

To single crochet 2 together:

Insert hook into next stitch.

Yarn over, pull up a loop. (2 loops on hook)

Insert hook into next stitch.

Yarn over, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook)

Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops.


PATTERN starting with the toe

1. Sc 5 in magic ring OR

ch2, sc 5 in 2nd chain from hook.

2. 2scs in each sc around (10)

3. Sc 10

4. Change colour, sc 10

5. Sc 10

6. Sc 2, sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog, sc2 (8 sts)

7. Sc 2, 2 scs in next st, sc 2, 2 scs in next st, sc 2 (10 sts)

8. Sc 7, dc 3 (10)

9. Sc 7, dc 3 (10)

10. Sc 4, 2 scs in next st, sc 3, sc2tog (10)

11-14. Sc 10

15-18. Change colour Sc 10

Fasten off, turn top down.

These would make cute little tree decorations- just attach a little ribbon and maybe a jingle bell or two. Or make into a brooch. Or keyring. Or bag charm.

Enjoy making!
Sarah x

Thursday 10 October 2013

Upcycled wristwarmers

When I saw a wool jumper at a carboot sale, in its already felted and pre-shrunk state, I knew that one day it would be fated for an upcyling project. It was just too good to be cast aside (100% wool? 50p? - it's a dead cert in my book). 

You may remember some upcycled legwarmers I made from the Mister's cashmere jumper (the one I accidentally shrank/felted in the wash)? Well, with the weather turning decidedly brrrrrrrrr here in the UK, I decided that wristwarmers were what was needed and that the same technique would be perfect.

This project is super-quick and easy.
You need to make sure that your jumper has been felted and will not fray, otherwise you may end up in a pickle.

First, cut off the arms.
Next, cut a vertical hole for your thumb. Remember the original cuff now becomes the bottom of your wristwarmers.
Try them on and trim off any excess from the top.

You could just leave them plain, but I decided a crochet trim would finish them off nicely.
With your choice of yarn, stitch a blanket stitch around the edges, including the thumb hole.

Now with your crochet hook, single crochet (UK double crochet) around your blanket stitch. You must ensure you end up with a final number of stitches which is a multiple of 3. Ideally, make 3 scs between each stitch and then you'll be sorted.

To make the scallop edge, ch1 and make 1 single crochet (sc) in the first st, *skip 2 stitches, make 5 double crochets (UK trebles) in the next stitch, skip 2 stitches, sc in the next stitch* repeat between ** around. 
Fasten off.

Now, laugh in the face of the Autumnal chill and wear those wristwarmers with pride. You may also add a nonchalant 'oh, I made these' when your neighbour comments on how nice they are.

Sarah x