Wednesday 29 June 2011

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa !

So, I am ready to reveal my little doll, now complete!

Well, complete-ish. She still needs clothes.

Anyhoo, before I get there, I just had to share this pic, taken on the walk to pre-school, along a pretty, residential road.
So Number 2 is in the buggy, saying 'Mooooooo', and I'm like 'Moo? No, darlin' there's no cows here.' And then I see what she is pointing at...


Yes, a cow. A full-sized model cow. In a front garden. As you do.

Back to the doll. But just to keep you hanging on a bit longer, thought I'd show you how I made her wig..
Many thanks, AGAIN to the wonderful Beth for her brilliant tutorials on how to make these gorgeous dolls. (do go see her blog, it's fab)

This is my thrifted mohair. I crocheted a wig cap.

Dolly wig 1 Dolly wig 1

This made a little furry swimming hat!
Next, I made a chain. And wound lengths of yarn.

Dolly wig 1 Dolly wig 1

Next, I pinned the chain down and threaded the yarn onto each side of the chain. This creates a centre parting (I want my doll to have little bunches)

Wig 2 Wig 2

Now for stitching it along the middle of her head. And a view from the back..

Wig 2 Wig 2

... and now for my Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!

Wig and doll complete

This is the moment in doll-making when Beth says that the doll tells you their name ...
And it's true.
Mine is called Chloe.


Friday 24 June 2011

Dolly, done. (ish..:)

Well, this doll has taken quite a while to get to this stage (for no other reason than I became distracted by other little projects). But I'm so glad she's reached this point.

Doll and print

So, she is a variation of Beth's beautiful Fairy Spirit at By Hook By Hand. Do visit her site, she makes the most beautiful dolls and clothes.

I really enjoyed making her- I used cheap and cheerful acrylic dk yarn and a 4mm hook. She is an amigurumi, so is crocheted in the round in single crochet (easy-peasy!) A clever trick from Beth is to use a 12mm safety eye for the neck joint, so no sewing- brilliant!

Crochet doll head

And has pipe-cleaners in her arms and legs, so fully pose-able. It's such a clever pattern. Thanks, Beth!

Doll and print

My next job is to make her a wig using Mohair! Luckily I have a stash from a previous charity shop raid. Even more lucky is a brilliant tutorial from Beth on her website and Flickr stream.

Anyhoo, will keep you posted with how I get on!

I've also been messing around with a little crafty project using wooden blocks, tissue paper and printing inks. The idea is to make gifts for friends.

Look at these lovely coloured inks 'on loan' from my mum: (I take that to mean 'given to me'- ha ha!)

Doll and print

Doll and print

Doll and print

I am totally inspired by all the clever peeps that do these beautiful printed blocks. Do check out Fee's blog at Chipper Nelly for the real deal- her's are proper-awesome.

Happy weekend, all. Xx

Monday 20 June 2011

A little crochet and some funky junk ;)

Well here's my latest up-cycling project- crochet tin can covers!

Pencil pots crochet

Inspired here by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.
Useful for keeping everything in. I never knew how much I needed them until I made them!
Also note my copy of Mollie Makes (can't wait to have a cuppa and a flick-through) and some cute paper in the background. Am planning a new crafty makeover, just need to find the time (Ha! When?!).

Here's some recent charity shop finds, or 'funky junk', as I'm going to call it from now on. (Can't repeat what the Mr calls it. Think he's just glad I'm not buying expensive stuff from the high street)

First, some kitsch:
Sound the Owl-alert .... Just couldn't resist these owlish tea light holders:

Tealight owls Fawn
A dear little deer, or should it be fawn? (photo not brilliant, sorry)

Vintage tea cup

And a cute little vintage tea cup and saucer (found 2 of these and 3 little side plates too)

Not to stop there, I've also bagged myself some great additions to my teeeeeny, tiiiiny wardrobe of clothes. Really, I have NOTHING to wear. Well, I do now:

A gorgeous Fat Face shawl and Topshop mohair shrug:

Shawl Mohair shrug

Also a sweet cotton cardi- I love the neckline at the back!

V back cardi
The skirt is also a thrifted one- Boden, no less!

Well, am off now to have a glass of the red and a catch up with all your news.


Thursday 16 June 2011

Quick n easy crafty project

This is a project I have wanted to make for ages, but has been sitting in hiatus in the garage. I had originally seen this image on Pinterest and was inspired...

.... begin with a picture/ mirror you don't like anymore (or never liked) but a frame which you do like:
Picture bought from car boot for £2. (I cannot repeat what I said to the Mr on hearing that he'd bought this- I think it's terrible, but liked the frame)

Frame makeover 1

Anyhoo, remove backing, picture, glass etc,
Paint/ spray frame if you fancy something different,
Use staple gun to attach wire or twine or whatever you fancy across the back of the frame.
(or you could use cute eye hooks screwed into the front of the frame if you want to make a feature of it)
I attached mine horizontally, but you could make a criss-cross or vertical pattern too.

Frame makeover 2

Ta daaaaaaaaaaa!
Use mini pegs to attach photos/ memos etc.
For now, I've got some vintage postcards of the local seafront, but want to add some great photos of the kids at the beach too.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey:))

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Knot so difficult

Number 1 son can eat Peanut butter in vast quantities, so I've always got empty jam jars hanging around the recycling bin. I have used them in summers past to hold tea lights in the garden whenever we had evening parties; they always look pretty, especially when hung from tree branches, or strewn around the edges of the path.
However, since learning to crochet, I thought I could juuussssh them up a little more:

Tealight holders lit

I used some yarn from my stash (2-ply? from knitting machine cones I picked up in charity shops) and a size 2.5mm hook.

Bottom of tealight holder
Jam jar tea light holder

I used a mixture of double and treble crochet (I use the US terms) in the round until I reached the desired size to cover the bottom and then proceeded with a bit of V stitch around the sides and some double crochet around the top.

'Not bad', I thought to meself, but I wanted something a bit more lacy in texture. Luckily a library book provided the inspiration for me to try the Solomon's knot:
(Sorry about the rubbish photos, but have just finished this and wanted to post it!)
Here's the bottom: (not quite perfect)

Bottom of tea light holder2

Am liking the flowery-star pattern.

Here's a side view with picot edging. (Only learned this stitch this evening, so quite pleased)

Tea light holder 2

Love the idea of up-cycling, so my next project will involve tin cans.

Will finish disembodied dolly soon.


Sunday 12 June 2011

Sandy toes and pedalos:))

Hola, mi amiga. Comos estas?

Majorca beach kids

Apologies. I can only speak Spanish thanks to Google translate.

BUT me, the Mr, the Mr's oldies and the kids have just returned from a fab holiday in Majorca....

Majorca tree1

Not sunny every day, but sweet and warm...

...Sandy baby toes

Sandy baby toes

Beachy pedalos


I even managed to fit in a little holiday crochet!

Holiday crochet
Gosh, even woolly projects look a little healthier in the sun and surrounded by palm trees.
Will hopefully be a shrug for the winter. Very seasonal, I know.

Anyhoo, am off to get some sleep, as will be spending tomorrow knee-deep in the bloomin' washing, and tidying up.
Hate the holiday clean-up :(

Looking forward to catching up with all your lovely blogs. Feel a bit out of the loop!


Saturday 4 June 2011

Crafting with Katie

You can tell it's half term, as I don't really know if I'm coming or going and haven't had time to do anything creative: my crochet dolly is still in a state of disembodied strangeness and all other projects are in a similar state of limbo.

However, I did manage to complete one great crafty project with my mate Dougie's little girl, Katie. She was the recipient of some of my bunting and had really liked it (bless 'er) and had asked me if she could make something.

So we designed, chose fabric, pinned and cut..

Sewing with Katie

...and then got out the ol' sewing machine...

Sewing with Katie

...and I must say, I think she did a sterling job. Well done, Katie. Excellent work for someone who's only been on the planet for 6 years.

'katie's room

(Dougie tells me that Katie wants to add 'Katie's room' to the 'Annaboo's house' range of gifts and will come and work in my shop, when I have one).

Ha ha . Xx

P.S. Am having right old trouble trying to comment on your lovely blogs. So sorry. Naughty Blogger.