Tuesday 14 June 2011

Knot so difficult

Number 1 son can eat Peanut butter in vast quantities, so I've always got empty jam jars hanging around the recycling bin. I have used them in summers past to hold tea lights in the garden whenever we had evening parties; they always look pretty, especially when hung from tree branches, or strewn around the edges of the path.
However, since learning to crochet, I thought I could juuussssh them up a little more:

Tealight holders lit

I used some yarn from my stash (2-ply? from knitting machine cones I picked up in charity shops) and a size 2.5mm hook.

Bottom of tealight holder
Jam jar tea light holder

I used a mixture of double and treble crochet (I use the US terms) in the round until I reached the desired size to cover the bottom and then proceeded with a bit of V stitch around the sides and some double crochet around the top.

'Not bad', I thought to meself, but I wanted something a bit more lacy in texture. Luckily a library book provided the inspiration for me to try the Solomon's knot:
(Sorry about the rubbish photos, but have just finished this and wanted to post it!)
Here's the bottom: (not quite perfect)

Bottom of tea light holder2

Am liking the flowery-star pattern.

Here's a side view with picot edging. (Only learned this stitch this evening, so quite pleased)

Tea light holder 2

Love the idea of up-cycling, so my next project will involve tin cans.

Will finish disembodied dolly soon.



  1. Love 'em! The lacy one is really pretty :) well done you!

    Jo x

  2. wonderful - and I got a 'I will teach you to crochet' vouvher from my ace friend jane - so I too can be in the (much coveted) crochet club you girls are all in!
    fee x

  3. These are lovely! Very clever - would love to know how to do that Solomon's knot pattern. x

  4. Just as well I haven't done the glass recycling run yet! I have crocheted a cover for a jam jar for pencils to sit in but I didn't think of tea light holders - perfect. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  5. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I just finished a Solomon's Knot jar, do you mind if I link to your tutorial in my post?


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