Thursday 28 December 2017

Easy Knit Cowl

It's a well-known fact that us Brits are obsessed with the weather

Some people might find this strange, but we love to talk about it - how cold it is, how warm it is, how windy it is, when it might rain, how much it has rained, why it hasn't rained.... you get the idea.

The simple reason is that here in the UK, we can literally have four seasons in one day (apparently it's something to do with the cold air from the north pushing against the warm air from the tropics which does this).  Take today, for instance - snow this morning (the children were THRILLED) but now it's just damp and cold. Yesterday though, it was positively balmy.  

But with such bonkers weather, I often find myself feeling the cold throughout the year, which is exactly why I love ALLLLLLLLL the warm, woolly things, especially those to wear around my neck and is why I can never pass on an opportunity to make shawls, wraps, scarves and cowls.

And this one is no exception.
I was very kindly sent some chunky yarns from Sirdar to try and I couldn't resist this gorgeous Bohemia in Teal Appeal.

It's a fabulously super-chunky yarn (you know how much I love 'em) in 51% Wool 49% Acrylic mix and is a low-twist, single ply. The hank size is 150g/ 50m. And it's really, really soft. 
Now as much as I love crochet, I knew that to get the most out of a single skein of this glorious yarn, I'd have to knit it. 

Sirdar do have a free snood pattern but I decided I wanted something a bit more snug around my neck and I wanted to knit it in the round, cos I am too lazy to sew it all together at the end.

And so my version is super-quick 'n' easy and because it's in the round, you only need to make a knit stitch (seriously, if I can do it, you can, too).

Easy Knit Cowl Pattern

Finished size approximately 60cm circumference / 27cm tall

Here's what you'll need to know to complete the project (click on each for link to video):

You'll need:

1 hank of Sirdar Bohemia
20mm x 80cm circular needles (mine are from Woolly Mahoosive)

Tension isn't really important, but gauge is roughly 5 sts and 7 rows to 10cm x 10cm

Cast on 30 stitches using the Long Tail Cast On Method
Rnds 1 - 19*: Knit all stitches
Cast off loosely.

*or until you run out of yarn (leave enough for cast-off)

Sew in ends

That's it - it'll take about an hour of your time to make and will keep you warm and snug throughout the cold winter months.
And the cold summer months, for that matter.

Wishing you all a very happy and crafty New Year!
Sarah xx

BTW, to find out more about all things chunky-yarny, read my feature in Inside Crochet Issue 97.

Friday 1 December 2017

Supersize your wreath

Honestly, this is one of THE speediest and easiest crochet projects I have ever made and perfect for a beginner, too.

It has been one of those projects I've wanted to make for ages, since I do love a bit of giant-yarn-action. And there's been plenty of inspiration online, so I am totally not claiming any points for originality here (check out Pony McTate's gorgeous wreaths on Instagram here)

If you fancy having a go, then you need a wreath frame (36cm / 14inch), and around 250g of giant yarn*. If you've got a 40mm hook hanging around, then use it, if not, try a smaller hook, or you can use your fingers.

And then, dear friends, you simply make UK double crochet stitches (US sc) around the edge of the frame until you're back to the beginning. 
It will take you under 10 minutes, I kid you not.

* I used a Wreath kit from Woolly Mahoosive available here which contains enough materials to make two wreaths) 

Fancy a step-by-step? Then check out my tutorial below, which shows you how to make it with and without a hook.

Happy hooking, crochet pals
Sarah xx