Friday 1 December 2017

Supersize your wreath

Honestly, this is one of THE speediest and easiest crochet projects I have ever made and perfect for a beginner, too.

It has been one of those projects I've wanted to make for ages, since I do love a bit of giant-yarn-action. And there's been plenty of inspiration online, so I am totally not claiming any points for originality here (check out Pony McTate's gorgeous wreaths on Instagram here)

If you fancy having a go, then you need a wreath frame (36cm / 14inch), and around 250g of giant yarn*. If you've got a 40mm hook hanging around, then use it, if not, try a smaller hook, or you can use your fingers.

And then, dear friends, you simply make UK double crochet stitches (US sc) around the edge of the frame until you're back to the beginning. 
It will take you under 10 minutes, I kid you not.

* I used a Wreath kit from Woolly Mahoosive available here which contains enough materials to make two wreaths) 

Fancy a step-by-step? Then check out my tutorial below, which shows you how to make it with and without a hook.

Happy hooking, crochet pals
Sarah xx


  1. Thank you! Such a fast and easy pattern. Looks nice too.

  2. Love the video but it finished too quickly before seeing you fasten the wreath, I have not tried crocheting before so will have to look up how to finish it! But it looks lovely xx


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