Monday 10 December 2012








It was truly the most magical day.

The sun shone, the wind blew (a lot) and everybody smiled from start to finish.

Even my 3 year old wore her bridesmaid dress (having refused to even try it on for months).

The church was decorated in a unique Christmassy style (imagine something out of the Vicar of Dibley and you'll be close) with life-size Nativity figures and snowman. And a badger. Yes. Badger.

In contrast, the reception venue at Amberley Castle was amazing. Beautiful and elegant and everything I could have hoped for.

And I laughed like I have never laughed and smiled throughout, happy to be married to my wonderful man.



Tuesday 4 December 2012

Busy ....

I love this time of year but boy, is it bonkers!


My Instagram network of buddies has bought in lots of commissions and so I've been up to my eyeballs in Imps: brown ones, red ones, lilac and pink ones...


I've made Imps for adults and Imps for children (and enjoyed every minute, I must say).

[If you fancy making your own little Imp, you can buy the pattern from my Etsy shop here]


And then, I had a wabbitty-kind-of-idea....


And Ooooooo, I LOVES a pompom maker!

What a genius little device!

Perfect for Wabbits:


Oh and there's another thing keeping me rather busy at the moment...

... I get married this Friday.

And I cannot wait....

Best wishes to you all for this festive time of year. And do enjoy the bonkerness of it all.