Thursday 17 January 2013

Random crochet


We have two children. Eldest aged 6, youngest, 3.


And a pushchair, also 6 years old.



To be fair, it's done rather well considering the years of punishment it has suffered; you know the sort of thing- overloaded with shopping, thrown into the boot of the car, holidaying on airplanes, and the everyday abuse subjected by small people and all their muck.

Oh, and being run over by my 4x4. No kidding - I'd forgotten that I'd left it folded up on the ground and reversed right over it. This was recently too.


Sturdy old thing, really.


But not pretty.



No, not pretty. Look at the handles...


They have totally perished and become grossly sticky.



What to do.....?

What to do.....?






What would any yarn-y gal do in this situation?

Why, crochet of course!!



(Actually, this was the Mister's suggestion 'like, why don't you crochet something to cover it?' he says.)







These make me laugh.

And they certainly do cheer up my travels.










Random, I know.

But good fun, eh?

Have a great week, everyone!



Tuesday 8 January 2013

Wabbiting around



Hello to you all in 2013!



I cannot believe that Christmas has come and gone (as have all the icky bugs) and that the New Year is upon us (and has already settled in and got its feet well and truly under the table).






I have so much to share with you. I really have been a most busy bunny.

Ahhhh, bunnies. Let's start there.

Last year I made little rabbits from a pattern I found here on the Internet. And very cute they were too.

But I wanted more: Bigger. Longer. Leaner.

And I wanted to use my pompom maker (onto that later).


So I had an idea.


Some people have asked how I develop a pattern.

I begin with a sketch (and not always a good one at that) one which gets the dimensions right.

I then muck around with the yarn a bit; I sort of know how to make sphere and cone and tube shapes, so I try different things.

There is a lot of frogging at this stage.

And swearing.

And cups of tea.


Sometimes I draw an actual sized sketch. This helps with shaping a lot.





I try things out for size and try to imagine what the whole piece will look like.



The most important thing is to keep a track of exactly what I've done, writing down every round of stitches. Every increase and decrease.











And then I get to a point where I'm happy and the Wabbit is finished.


This one is going to be a newborn baby's gift.

Nice. I like it when people buy my little toys and there is a story to tell.







And once I've made one, I set about making another, straight away (and then another and another) to test the pattern and check for inaccuracies.


This one worked out rather well. I love the Peruvian colour print in this yarn.









Here he is, finished.


This one was bought by a lovely lady who gave it to her little girl. She was then kind enough to send me some photos. So I could see my Peruvian Wabbit being hugged and cuddled, taken for a trip in the buggy and fast asleep with his new owner.

It made my heart sing to know he has a story.







Fancy making your own Wabbit?

There's patterns a-plenty for everyone in my Etsy shop.


Oh and the pompom maker?

Not a necessity, but such fun!!


(Incidentally mine is made by Clover and I bought it on eBay)




Have a lovely week.