Tuesday 31 October 2017

Home Decoration in Crochet - a book review

It seems to be book review season here at the moment

And I'm not complaining, I'm really not - this particular one is a corker!

It's written by Tanya Eberhardt, a fellow crochet designer, who I've known for ages through her blog, Little Things Blogged and her Instagram account, Ltblogged.

It's a book packed to the brim with 25 colourful designs to brighten your home - everything you could imagine, from beautiful blankets to these adorable jar cosies *adds to ever-growing future projects list*

This is another of the projects which caught my eye - a vintage-inspired cushion cover.

And this stool cover is such a fun make, too.

But I've always been a storage girl at heart and I loved the simplicity and stitch definition of these sweet little baskets.
I had some cute little balls of yarn I'd picked up at Yarndale (for a bargainous 50p each) and thought they'd be the perfect match.

And they are!
The pattern was well written and very easy to follow and it even had a chart, too. I love the way this has turned out and am planning to make the other two sizes, too.

(I've just realised that I actually did not complete as many rows as Tanya's pattern states - that's what I get for crocheting late at night!) but I'm still just as pleased. I might make the taller version next.

I've really enjoying looking through Tanya's book - there are projects in here to suit everyone, from a complete newbie to an experienced pro and there's even a tunisian crochet project included. 
The patterns are written in US terms throughout and all have them feature a chart. At the back of the book there is a brief section containing descriptions of the stitches and techniques you'll need to know.

If you'd like to purchase Home Decoration In Crochet by Tanya Eberhardt, then it's available here.


Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of Home Decoration in Crochet for free. However, the opinions I’ve posted are my own.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies - Blog Hop

When I was asked by my publisher if I'd like to review one of their new titles and I discovered it was LalyLala's, I literally squealed with excitement.


You see, I've been an admirer of Lydia's amigurumi for aaaaaaages. She is such a clever, talented designer - if you're not familiar with her projects, then here's a little snippet: 

Image from www.lalylala.com

As if THAT isn't enough cuteness for you, then how about this? 
Lydia's first book: 


It is just beautiful! 

First, there's a sweet little story to introduce you to the characters... 

Next up is the techniques section, which covers everything you need to know about creating your little character. 


And in the final section are all the patterns - YAY! 


This is where the magic happens; You can choose how your bug looks by combining different components. Not only does Lydia show you how to make your caterpillar a pair of beautiful wings to make him into a fabulous butterfly, she has patterns for an egg and pupa, and even the leaf for him to munch, too!

Below is my caterpillar, with his little hat to complete the look.

Truly adorable. 


The patterns are written in US terms and are very clearly explained. I had no trouble at all navigating the sections of the book I needed and followed the pattern directions easily.. 


And I totally love my little guy - I'm already choosing yarn to make him a fabulous set of wings and I simply cannot decide which friend to make for him next - Ladybird? Stag beetle? Snail?? Aphid??
The answer, dear Reader is ALL OF THEM.

Gah, too much cuteness!! 

If you want to purchase a copy, then click HERE to find out how.

And if you pop along to All About Ami tomorrow, you can find out what Stephanie's been making from the book, too - I can't wait to see.

Sarah xxx

Book details: 

PUBLISHING DATE: October 27, 2017 • Hardcover: 128 pages • Language: English / US crochet terms • Publisher: SewandSo • ISBN-10: 1446306666 • ISBN-13: 978-1446306666 • Price: £ 16.99 / $ 24.99 • Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 1,4 cm • Weight: 600 grams