Wednesday 7 June 2017

A Chevron Necklace


It needs no introduction, really -

All you need is the teeniest bit of t-shirt yarn, a hook and about 5 minutes of your time.


Now, most of you who visit my blog, or see my stuff on Instagram will know that I am not one for tricksy, difficult projects.


Simple and quick is the way I roll.

In fact, this project is SO easy that I taught a non-crocheter how to make one (which she did, and it was rather brilliant, I must say).

You'll need some t-shirt yarn (about 15g / 2 metres - this is the perfect stash-busting project)
A big hook - a 10mm or 12mm will work fine.

  • Chain 14
  • Starting in the 2nd chain from your hook, make 1dc in the first 5 chains, skip 3 chains, make 1dc in each of the last 5 stitches.
To make up, simply pull the yarn end through your final stitch and use this to make the necklace, tying it securely on the other side of the chevron, at the right length to fit.

Now hide your yarn tails by weaving them into the back of your chevron.

And that is that.

 Have fun using up all your t-shirt yarn ends with this super-easy project!

Enjoy your week,

Sarah xxx