Saturday 20 June 2015

The Croobs

So when your good friend, who is a lactation consultant asks if you can make some Croobs (crochet boobs), what do you say?

Obvious, really.

The perfect gift for a midwife, breastfeeding councillor, health visitor or any other in-need-of-a-boob-type-person. 

Here's the pattern, written in UK terms:
By varying it slightly you can create a normal, inverted and flat Croob (explanations below). 
Each Croob measures approx 10cms in diameter.

You need:
Hook and yarn (any dk or Aran weight will do it)
Toy stuffing

I used a 4.5mm hook and Drops Paris Cotton in Dark Beige (26) for the nipple and Powder Pink (58) for the flesh. You'll probably need 2 balls of the pink to make all three Croobs.

Normal Croob
In beige
Rnd 1: 6dc in magic ring or ch2, 6dc in 2nd ch from hook.
Rnds 2 and 3: 1dc in each st around 
Rnd 4: 2dc in each st around (12 sts)
Rnd 5: (1dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around (18)
Rnd 6: (2dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around (24)
Rnd 7: (3dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around (30)

Change to pink
Rnd 8: (4dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around (36)
Rnd 9: (5dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around (42)
Rnd 10: 1dc in each st around
Rnd 11: (6dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around (48)
Rnd 12: (7dc, 2dc in next st) repeat around (54)

Rnds 13-17: 1dc in each st around.

Rnd 18: (7dc, dc2tog) repeat around (48)
Rnd 19: (6dc, dc2tog) repeat around (42)
Rnd 20: 1dc in each st around
Rnd 21: (5dc, dc2tog) repeat around (36)
Rnd 22: (4dc, dc2tog) repeat around (30)
Rnd 23: (3dc, dc2tog) repeat around (24)
Rnd 24: (2dc, dc2tog) repeat around (18)

Stuff firmly

Rnd 25: (1dc, dc2tog) repeat around (12)
Rnd 26: dc2tog around (6)

Finish stuffing and sew closed.

Flat Croob
Make as normal, but miss out rounds 2 and 3.

Inverted Croob
Make as normal, but leave a long tail of the beige when you begin. Once you get to round 24, pull the tail to invert the nipple. Stuff as usual and complete the pattern. Tie the beige tail to the pink to prevent the nipple from un-inverting and sew closed.

Happy days!

Enjoy your crochet,
Sarah xx


  1. oh!my! I have to say they look very realistic....nice young realisitc!!! :-)
    Just goes to show how versatile crochet is!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. You are brilliant, and those boobs look a lot perkier than mine.

    1. Hi Meredith,
      They are rather perky, aren't they?!! Good fun to make, too!
      Have a great week,
      Sarah x

  3. This is brilliant timing. I am making boobie items to fundraise for a friend who is fighting a breast cancer battle at the moment. I have amalgamated yours and a cushion pattern to make some boobie cushions. I will to upscale for the next one, as these have turned out on the smaller side - barbie boobs as my aunt would say. But we all come in different shapes and sizes so that is fine. Thanks for the pattern x

  4. Hi Libby,
    What a fabulous idea to make cushions!!! And I think you're right about the different shapes and sizes approach to cushions, too!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

  5. Hi Sarah
    Thank you for the pattern... It's fab! Pls can you help as a beginner crocheter? I am at rnd 6 and I have more than 24 stitches when I do 2 double crochet into each stitch? (I start with 18 as per instruction on rnd 5) many thanks

  6. Figured it out! Phew! Thank you! ����

    1. So glad you've worked it out, Jill!
      Sarah x

    2. Hi Jill & Sarah! I know it has more than 2 years since this posted but I'm hoping you can tell me how you got 24 stitches in Rnd 6 after 2dc into 18 st from Rnd 5. Thanks in advance!

    3. Hi - yes of course - in rnd 6 you are making 2dc (one in each of the next two sts) and then 2dc in the following st. This then repeats around, giving you the 24 Stitches x

  7. No se ingl├ęs, pero se entiende perfectamente!

  8. Where do you get wool for other skin tones? I want to make multi ethnic boobs.

  9. Do you have a pattern for a puppet for a breastfeeding demonstration?

  10. No, I'm afraid not!
    I hope you can find something to help you.
    Kindest regards,

  11. Thanks for this easy pattern, I loved it. I have just made one boob but I just was wondering was I supposed to add 1 ch after each round before starting the next round ? I actually did not as I could not see anything mentioned in your pattern but just wanted to double check.

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked the pattern and you’re right, you don’t need to add a ch1 as this pattern works seamlessly in the round!

  12. Do you have to slip stitch to connect to the first stitch at the end of each round? That is what I have been doing and mine is looking very odd.

  13. Hey Sarah, what is the weight of the yarn that you used for this?

  14. Hi Sarah, in your graphic it looks like you used sc not dc?

    1. Written in UK terms . Their DC is US terms sc.

  15. Hi, love these but what did you use to stuff them with? Thanks


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