Monday, 15 June 2015

Free Beach bag and accessories patterns

More free patterns, yay!

I know, I know- it seems too good to be true.

This time it's my latest collaboration with Black Sheep Wools. They provided me with a squillion* balls of my absolute mostest favouritest** yarn and asked if I could possibly make a beach bag and a gadget case...

* ok, not a squillion, exactly. More like 37. One of every colour.
** it's Rico Creative Cotton Aran. My favourite because I use it a lot. I like the colours. I like the texture. I like the stitch definition I get when working with it. And I like the price. In fact, I LOVE the price (at around £1.80 a 50g ball, it's an absolute bargain)

And so I set to work. I chose 14 of the most vibrant colours and began making stripes.
I then lined the bag (totally impressed myself there- I am the sort of sewist who can only manage a wonky straight line, if you know what I mean) to give it a bit of strength.

And stitched handles. To give it hold-y-uppy bits.

A very easy project, but effective, I think you'll agree.
Next there was a gadget case. Well, as I still had leftover yarn, it made sense to continue with the same colours. But a different pattern this time.
Wobbly waves.

But then I still had yarn left. What to do....?
Of course. A sunglasses case.
To break from the whole stripes thing, I went for granny squares. On the diagonal.

And I lined this too. To stop the sunglasses getting caught in the holey bits.

And so, dear friends, here is the link to Black Sheep Wools' free pattern page, where you'll find the links for these and lots of other projects, too. Don't forget to share your makes via social media (you can find me at various social hang-outs over there on the right) using the hashtag #bswsummer

And why not use the brillioso discount code 'ANNABOO10'  at Black Sheep Wools to get 10% off Rico Creative Cotton Aran so that you can get making your beach bag right away?! (offer valid until July 13th 2015, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, blahdy-blah-blah...)

Enjoy the patterns and remember to show us what you've made!

Have a great week,
Sarah x