Monday 17 June 2019

Summertime Mandala Cushion

Summertime ...

Strawberries and cream, Wimbledon on the telly, ice-creams, suncream, picnics and ...

... tempestuous rain, floods and turning on the heating.

Yes, if you live in the UK then you'll know that we're not really experiencing the summer of dreams, but a rather cold, wet version, which no-one is very keen on. So in an attempt to banish all miserable thoughts of our dreadful summer so far, here's a rather lovely (if I say so myself) colour palette using Stylecraft cotton (I've blogged about before here) which will give you ALL the summery feels.

Now, if truth be told I love a Mandala, but I'm never exactly sure what to do with it once I've made it - I've seen some lovely versions attached to hoops and hung on the wall, but I fancied something a bit different. And as I have practically NO cushions in my house (same goes for blankets and shawls, in case you're wondering) I thought I'd make a new one, and combine the two. Especially as I found a plain cushion cover in Hobbycraft for a total steal at £2 (find it here). 

Summertime Mandala (UK Terms)

Pattern Notes: 

Most rounds begins with a treble stitch, so make the first stitch of yours a chain of 2 or 3, depending on which you prefer. Some rounds begin with a tr2tog or tr3tog cluster. For the treble two together (tr2tog), make a chain of 2 and a treble stitch, for the treble three together (tr3tog), make a chain of 2 and then a standard tr2tog.
For rounds beginning with a double crochet stitch, make a standing double crochet, or chain 1, (doesn't count as stitch) and make 1dc in the same space.
At the end of each round, slip stitch to the first st of the round to join.

You'll need: 

40cm x 40cm plain cushion cover
Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in Ivory (3665), Shrimp (3674), Peppermint (3691) and Apricot (3962)
4mm hook
Needle and thread in matching colour.

Rnd 1: In Ivory, 10tr in magic ring or ch4 (counts as 1ch + 1tr), 9tr in 4th ch from hook. (10 tr)
Rnd 2: In Apricot, 2tr in each st around. (20 tr)
Rnd 3: In Peppermint, 4tr between each 2tr cluster around. (40 tr)
Rnd 4: In Shrimp, *2tr between 4tr cluster, sk 2 sts, 2tr between stitches; rep from * around.
Rnd 5: In Apricot, 3tr between each 2tr cluster around. (60 tr)

Rnds 1 - 9

Rnd 6: In Ivory, 1dc, 3ch between each 3tr cluster around. (20 dc, 60 ch)
Rnd 7: 4tr in each 3ch-sp around. (80 tr)
Rnd 8: In Peppermint, *2tr between 4tr cluster, sk 2 sts, 2tr between stitches; rep from * around.
Rnd 9: In Apricot, 2tr between each 2tr cluster around.
Rnd 10: In Shrimp, 1dc, 2ch between each 3tr cluster around. (40 dc, 80 ch)
Rnd 11: 3tr in each 2ch-sp around. (120 tr)
Rnd 12: In Ivory, *1tr between 3tr cluster, sk 1 st, (1tr, 1ch, 1tr) in next st, sk 1 st; rep from * around. (120 tr, 40 ch)
Rnd 13: In Apricot, (tr2tog, 2ch, tr2tog) in each 1ch-sp around. (80 tr2tog, 80 ch)
Rnd 14: In Peppermint, (tr3tog, 2ch, tr3tog) in each 2ch-sp around. (80 tr3tog, 80 ch)
Rnd 15: In Ivory, *1dc in 2ch-sp, (4tr, picot, 4tr) in next 2ch-sp. (160 tr, 20 picot, 20 dc)

Rnds 8 - 15

Fasten off and weave in ends. Stitch to middle of cushion and enjoy!!

That's it - it couldn't be easier! And you don't have to make a cushion - you could use your mandala to decorate a plain tote bag, t-shirt, the back of a denim jacket... or it could just lie on a table, looking pretty.

Look what happens when I say 'Biscuits' ..

[Do note the sun was actually shining for the photos today - but we all know it's going to pee down tomorrow ...]

Sarah x