Tuesday 27 September 2011

I am ...

...laughing with much hilarity at a book my mum bought me.

T'is the season crochet

Christmas Crochet? Could it get any better?!
Here's a selection. Seriously. You'll be wanting to make all of these.

T'is the season crochet
Mother and daughter fluffy-wrappy-thingies?

T'is the season crochet
Door wreath?
Might scare the neighbours.

T'is the season crochet
Doggy coat?
Cute. If you like that sort of thing.
What does the man holding him think, I wonder? Any suggestion?

T'is the season crochet
'Golden Holiday Jacket'?
Actually, I kinda like this.
All joking aside, there are some very good ideas in this book, too.

So, apart from planning to crochet all my friend's dogs doggy jackets, here's what I'm doing:

More of this (see all my technical equipment- biro lid etc):
Stars and crochet
To make these:
Stars and crochet

A bit more of this:
Stars and crochet
(although this might be put to bed for a bit as I make preparations for some Xmas sales)

And some of these:

Stars and crochet
What are they, you wonder?
You'll just have to wait a leeeetle longer.
All will be revealed...

Have a faboo week, all.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Takes me back...

Occasionally, I encounter something which reminds me of times gone by; a smell, some music- you know the sort of thing.
My most recent one is some Fimo (will explain in a bit - hold that thought)

A few days back I made a great sale purchase in Sainsbury's- these stripy tea/coffee/sugar ceramic canisters.

Little hanging letters

I'd looked at them before, but shirked their £6 (each) price tag.
However, in the sale at half price, these babies were mine.
Great. They look smashing.
I'll just put the kettle on... hang on...which one's the tea? Oh no, that's the sugar... No, that's coffee ...hrrrrrrrmph!
Most annoying.

Then an idea struck. I just needed to label them.
Sticky labels? (too impractical, would wash off)
Ink stamps? (I'd probably mess it up)
Modelling clay? BINGO!!!

Fimo, to be exact (it's a type of ready coloured modelling clay which you mould and then bake in the oven). I used to make stuff with it all the time when I was a kid! I remember having it for birthdays and Christmases in every conceivable colour (even glow-in-the-dark, once). I used to make little teddies and fairies and badges and brooches and earrings and would be occupied for HOURS.

Well, I had the most marvellous time this week moulding and rolling and squishing and squashing ...
..ready for the bake (along with some try-outs for Christmas)..

Little hanging letters

And now I can find the tea first time.

Little hanging letters Little hanging letters

I even made some little 'Love Letters'.
Such fun!
(As Miranda's mother would say)

Little hanging letters

Oh, and work is (slowly) progressing on the blooming flower cushion.

Blooming flower cushion 2

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Saturday 17 September 2011

My new WIP and some Pea Green

Just a couple of things to share.
Firstly, some quick pics of my current crochet project in progress. (I am loving this one)
The gorgeous Blooming Flower Cushion from Lucy at Attic24.

Image from My iPhone!

Lovely from the back too.

Image from My iPhone!

And a finished project, too.
A little pea green .... er.. what shall I call it? infinity scarf? cowl? loop scarf?
(you get the idea)

Pea-green cowl 2

Not a mighty achievement, really. It was actually pretty quick to hook up, it's just one of those kind of projects which is always side-stepped for something new.

I used one skein of King Cole Bamboo.
(you know me by now- it was £1 in the bargain bucket and the only one of its colour)
But actually, I'm pretty pleased -

Pea-green cowl

I used the magic chainless foundation stitch (my goodness, Miss Molly, it's marvellous) until I reached about 50 inches/ 127cms and then joined with a slip stitch to make a loop. I then alternated rows of double crochet US (treble UK) and half double US (half treble UK).
It ended up about 5 inches/ 13cms wide.

Actually, it could do with being a teeny bit wider, but I love it. And it's all mine.
Perfect for this slightly Autumnal change in the weather, methinks.

Happy weekend to you all.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

It all started with bracelets.

Yes, really.
Just look at what you can do if you crochet around them:

Image from My iPhone!
Image from My iPhone! Image from My iPhone!

Pretty cute eh?
I cannot take any credit.
I was just having a mooch around my good bloggy friends, when I found this at Sols(tr)ikke, originally at Lola Nova
Well, I just had to try.
A round of single crochet. A round of double crochet. A round of petals.

Well, after discovering that these fabulous hoops are made from up-cycling old bracelets, I clearly needed to sort out my stash... And believe me, I do have a stash.
Nothing fancy, mind you. Just lots and lots, picked up at cheapo prices (Primark, H&M etc).

New crochet-hoopy-circles sorted.

Now, what to do with the rest?
Cue marvellous idea from here I've been thinking about for ages.

Image from My iPhone!

Sorry? Pardon, Mister?
Where's the kitchen-towel holder?

I seriously have no idea.

Happy mid-week, all.

Friday 9 September 2011

Tea, cake, Mollie Makes and other gubbins too ..

Well I must say, life here is more relaxed.
Number one has started school yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa *sniff* and number two is having her nap, so this is what takes my fancy.

Image from My iPhone!

Good old Mollie Makes- am very much liking those little crocheted veg on the cover. Cute.

Crochet projects have been a bit random recently. There are some little bits I'm working on (soon to be posted) and in the pic above you can see a green scarf which I'm trying to finish. So i thought I'd share a few recent thrifty finds which I'm rather pleased with.

First, a sweet owl necklace (I love an owl-y find, me).
Charity shop £1.25

Image from My iPhone!

Next some blue things. A bowl from the 70s and an embroidered cushion. £1 each from CS.
I love their patterns.

Image from My iPhone! Image from My iPhone!

Lastly, some freebies. Lush apples and parsley, given to me by friends and relatives (pears already scoffed in the form of Pear and Ginger flan) and an award!

Image from My iPhone! photo.JPG

Thank you so much to the lovely Kate from Signed with an Owl and Eileen from Crochet Attic - you a very, very kind ladies. Do check out their blogs for super-lovely crochet and crafty goodies.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday 4 September 2011

Sale of the century

Saturday 3rd September. My first crafty sale.

Here's my table:

Image from My iPhone!

I just loved setting this up (I'd even had a practice the night before) and was really pleased with how it looked.

Image from My iPhone!

I made little signs to describe my stuff and printed labels and even sewed (badly) my little labels onto my cowls and mug cosies.

Image from My iPhone!

Cor blimey though, I totally underestimated how much time all this would take to do (burning the midnight oil is NOT preferable the night before your sale ..)

I'd even finished a couple of dolls.

Image from My iPhone! Dolls

(Did not like pink wig on pale skinned elf. Just looked wrong. Made blonde wig also night before. More burning of midnight oil)
Note to self: Crocheting with mohair is mental at night when the light is bad. Never, never again.

How much did I make?
Minus £5. Didn't even cover the cost of my table!!!!
It was such a shame- the sale had been well-advertised, but it was so quiet.
My fellow stall-holders likewise made few sales and were not impressed by the lack of buyers (apparently there was a big auction in the next village and a big craft and food fair going on too). Also, I don't think people were expecting a craft stall- most people glanced, but didn't come to look. The other stalls included bric-brac, homemade jams, fresh eggs, antiques and a man selling army surplus, obviously.

But, do you know what? I had a great time. This was something for me and I loved every minute.
The people who did come and look were full of compliments and loved my wares. I met some great people (lovely Sue next to me selling fab jams) and I made a couple of contacts: another market nearer Christmas time (bit more crafty this time) and a lovely lady who again thought my things were great and who hosts a Christmas craft sale and wants me to be there! Amazing!

And, I loved the 4 hours of peace and quiet, sitting, chatting, crocheting and listening to the locals.

Another sale?
I think so.

Have a great week. Looking forward to catching up with you all now.