Friday, 9 September 2011

Tea, cake, Mollie Makes and other gubbins too ..

Well I must say, life here is more relaxed.
Number one has started school yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa *sniff* and number two is having her nap, so this is what takes my fancy.

Image from My iPhone!

Good old Mollie Makes- am very much liking those little crocheted veg on the cover. Cute.

Crochet projects have been a bit random recently. There are some little bits I'm working on (soon to be posted) and in the pic above you can see a green scarf which I'm trying to finish. So i thought I'd share a few recent thrifty finds which I'm rather pleased with.

First, a sweet owl necklace (I love an owl-y find, me).
Charity shop £1.25

Image from My iPhone!

Next some blue things. A bowl from the 70s and an embroidered cushion. £1 each from CS.
I love their patterns.

Image from My iPhone! Image from My iPhone!

Lastly, some freebies. Lush apples and parsley, given to me by friends and relatives (pears already scoffed in the form of Pear and Ginger flan) and an award!

Image from My iPhone! photo.JPG

Thank you so much to the lovely Kate from Signed with an Owl and Eileen from Crochet Attic - you a very, very kind ladies. Do check out their blogs for super-lovely crochet and crafty goodies.

Have a great weekend.