Saturday, 17 September 2011

My new WIP and some Pea Green

Just a couple of things to share.
Firstly, some quick pics of my current crochet project in progress. (I am loving this one)
The gorgeous Blooming Flower Cushion from Lucy at Attic24.

Image from My iPhone!

Lovely from the back too.

Image from My iPhone!

And a finished project, too.
A little pea green .... er.. what shall I call it? infinity scarf? cowl? loop scarf?
(you get the idea)

Pea-green cowl 2

Not a mighty achievement, really. It was actually pretty quick to hook up, it's just one of those kind of projects which is always side-stepped for something new.

I used one skein of King Cole Bamboo.
(you know me by now- it was £1 in the bargain bucket and the only one of its colour)
But actually, I'm pretty pleased -

Pea-green cowl

I used the magic chainless foundation stitch (my goodness, Miss Molly, it's marvellous) until I reached about 50 inches/ 127cms and then joined with a slip stitch to make a loop. I then alternated rows of double crochet US (treble UK) and half double US (half treble UK).
It ended up about 5 inches/ 13cms wide.

Actually, it could do with being a teeny bit wider, but I love it. And it's all mine.
Perfect for this slightly Autumnal change in the weather, methinks.

Happy weekend to you all.