Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Takes me back...

Occasionally, I encounter something which reminds me of times gone by; a smell, some music- you know the sort of thing.
My most recent one is some Fimo (will explain in a bit - hold that thought)

A few days back I made a great sale purchase in Sainsbury's- these stripy tea/coffee/sugar ceramic canisters.

Little hanging letters

I'd looked at them before, but shirked their £6 (each) price tag.
However, in the sale at half price, these babies were mine.
Great. They look smashing.
I'll just put the kettle on... hang on...which one's the tea? Oh no, that's the sugar... No, that's coffee ...hrrrrrrrmph!
Most annoying.

Then an idea struck. I just needed to label them.
Sticky labels? (too impractical, would wash off)
Ink stamps? (I'd probably mess it up)
Modelling clay? BINGO!!!

Fimo, to be exact (it's a type of ready coloured modelling clay which you mould and then bake in the oven). I used to make stuff with it all the time when I was a kid! I remember having it for birthdays and Christmases in every conceivable colour (even glow-in-the-dark, once). I used to make little teddies and fairies and badges and brooches and earrings and would be occupied for HOURS.

Well, I had the most marvellous time this week moulding and rolling and squishing and squashing ...
..ready for the bake (along with some try-outs for Christmas)..

Little hanging letters

And now I can find the tea first time.

Little hanging letters Little hanging letters

I even made some little 'Love Letters'.
Such fun!
(As Miranda's mother would say)

Little hanging letters

Oh, and work is (slowly) progressing on the blooming flower cushion.

Blooming flower cushion 2

Enjoy the rest of your week.