Tuesday 31 January 2012

No knit knitted monster

I am in love with those cute little knitted monsters I've seen around cyber-world.
But I can't knit.
I could crochet one.
But I can't be bothered.
What to do?

Why, CHEAT, of course!

First steal find yourself a suitable knitted thing which you don't want anymore. I scored a charity-shop scarf (60 pence, I kid you not).

Woolly scarf-monster

Next, draw a monster-ly template and cut out 2 pieces from your knitted thing.

Woolly scarf-monster

With wrong sides together, sew around the edge, but not all the way - leave a small gap for stuffing later (remember, wonky sewing is very necessary- monsters are not pretty).
Now turn out the right way.

Woolly scarf-monster

Experiment with different 'looks' for your monster with things from your stash.

Woolly scarf-monster

Attach whatever to your monster. I stitched mine, but glue would be easier.
Stuff and sew closed the opening.

Woolly scarf-monster

Admire your cleverness.
If you are truly naughty, tell people you knitted it yourself.
Bad girl.


Friday 27 January 2012


You know what they say 'bout wabbits- 


- you start off with one.

And before you know it, you've got more than you bargained for. 


(I've got a third on my hook right now, too)

These little fellas are cute and easy to make (pattern from here) although I think I might be quite slow-they took me a good few hours. (you fabulous ami makers- how long does it take you to make something like this? Yes, Lori and The Dotty One I mean you...)

Have a great weekend, all.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Pretty, Crafty Home

Over the last year I've really caught the thrifting bug.

Thrifted find
Necessity demands it, but I must say, it's an enjoyable way of living; I love having a root around the charity shops in search of a new find or project and since the recent up-cycling of the Mister's jumper, feel more confident to have a try at altering things a bit.

Anyhoo, at the weekend I managed to haul 5 jumpers for 11 quid! (most bargainous of me, I thought).

This one (alas, too small for me to wear) was crying out for a make-over.

More Sweater up-cycling!

I chopped the arms. Naturally, these will be leg-warmers in their next life. But what to do with the rest? 

More Sweater up-cycling!

A cushion?

But no. 


More Sweater up-cycling!

...a bag!

I used an old belt for the strap and some fabric from my stash for the lining.

More Sweater up-cycling!

Infact, this bag is reversible too.

 More sweater up-cycling2

I prettied up the edges with blanket stitch and added some little crochet flowers and buttons to the front.

More sweater up-cycling2

Most pleased, I am. 
And the Mister's old cashmere jumper?
I was originally planning to make it into a cushion and decorate it, but it seemed too good not to wear. So I took it in a bit at the sides and used the same decorative stitching as the leg warmers for the sleeves.

More sweater up-cycling2
Definitely a bit prettier.
I need to do something about the neck though, it's still a bit blokey for my liking.

If you, like me love a bit of thrifty, crafty, pretty, then come and join in over at Cherry Heart (click the button in my sidebar to link).

Hope to see you there.



Friday 13 January 2012

Doily rug. Chapter 2

You may recall my first attempt at a doily rug. 
It was a tad on the small side.
So I frogged it.

Next attempt?

Next doily attempts

Wrong, wrong, wrong. 
Beautiful pattern from here, but goodness only knows what I did to it. It refused to lie flat and seemed to just have too many stitches.


Next doily attempts

Yaaaay!  It works.

Next doily attempts

Still not big enough, but I think i'll stick with it and attempt some extra rounds.

And look what came in the post for me......

Hoopla delivery

...more lovely Hooplayarn from the wonderful Jill at Stockton Crafts!

I intend to crack the doily rug pattern and then I have plans for something a bit mad with more of the Hoopla.

Will keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, all.

P.S. Sorry to the people and patterns mentioned in this post. Blogger is being very naughty and won't let me link to your lovely webpages. 
I'll put this right as soon as I can. 

Friday 6 January 2012

Cashmere upcycled or An apology to the Mister

Dear the Mister,

I'm so terribly sorry that your M&S cashmere sweater, which you received as a gift ages ago, which has been (mostly) washed according to the manufacturer's instructions and NEVER tumble-dried (much), has shrunk.

Upcycled leg warmers with crochet trim

I'm sorry that you had to give it to me.

I'm really sorry that the arms have shrunk too much for me to wear it and actually, it's also too wide.

I'm very sorry, but there's only ONE solution. 
And that involves scissors and a cunning plan (Mwahhh haaa haaa haaa)... 

And for starters, an idea for a pair of leg warmers.  

First, cut arms off (not yours, the jumper's).

Upcycled leg warmers with crochet trim

Second, try on for size and take in if too wide. I just did a basic and somewhat wobbly seam on my old sewing machine and cut off the unwanted bit.

Upcycled leg warmers with crochet trim

Next, pin the top to create a straight edge.


Upcycled leg warmers with crochet trim

I used a blanket stitch as I quite fancied the 'Prairie look'

Upcycled leg warmers with crochet trim

Hmmmmmm. Nice.

But could I do better?
I then had the idea about crocheting a border. So I did a bit of looking on t'internet and found lots and lots and lots of ideas.
I ended up with this, thanks to Cassie of You Go Girl!   

Upcycled legwarmers with crochet trim

Make 3 single crochets (US) between each stitch around.
Make shell stitch pattern, based on repetitions every 6 stitches. I opted for *skip 2 stitches, 5 dcs in next stitch, skip 2 stitches, sc* repeat around, join back to beginning stitch with slip stitch and fasten off etc.

Upcycled legwarmers with crochet trim

Much improved, methinks.

Cashmere leg warmers.
What? You haven't got a pair?
Dahhhlings, they're this season's must!

You know what to do.

And the jumper? 
There are plans afoot.

Have a great weekend, bloggy friends.