Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pretty, Crafty Home

Over the last year I've really caught the thrifting bug.

Thrifted find
Necessity demands it, but I must say, it's an enjoyable way of living; I love having a root around the charity shops in search of a new find or project and since the recent up-cycling of the Mister's jumper, feel more confident to have a try at altering things a bit.

Anyhoo, at the weekend I managed to haul 5 jumpers for 11 quid! (most bargainous of me, I thought).

This one (alas, too small for me to wear) was crying out for a make-over.

More Sweater up-cycling!

I chopped the arms. Naturally, these will be leg-warmers in their next life. But what to do with the rest? 

More Sweater up-cycling!

A cushion?

But no. 


More Sweater up-cycling!

...a bag!

I used an old belt for the strap and some fabric from my stash for the lining.

More Sweater up-cycling!

Infact, this bag is reversible too.

 More sweater up-cycling2

I prettied up the edges with blanket stitch and added some little crochet flowers and buttons to the front.

More sweater up-cycling2

Most pleased, I am. 
And the Mister's old cashmere jumper?
I was originally planning to make it into a cushion and decorate it, but it seemed too good not to wear. So I took it in a bit at the sides and used the same decorative stitching as the leg warmers for the sleeves.

More sweater up-cycling2
Definitely a bit prettier.
I need to do something about the neck though, it's still a bit blokey for my liking.

If you, like me love a bit of thrifty, crafty, pretty, then come and join in over at Cherry Heart (click the button in my sidebar to link).

Hope to see you there.