Saturday 28 May 2011


So my current crochet project is a little doll. I want to improve on my previous effort and make a doll with a separate head. I also have a stash of various-sized safety eyes from the charity shop and want to give her big eyes, as I think it might look better.

This is where I am up to.

Crochet doll head

I think she'll work out ok, but she does give me the eeebie-jeebies in her disembodied state!

Also must share with you a great idea. Her head is jointed to the body using a safety eye! It works like a dream and no fiddly sewing together.

Crochet doll head
Crochet doll head

I cannot take credit as I borrowed the idea from Beth at By Hook, By Hand.- Do check out her website, she makes the most amazing crochet dolls and there are patterns and tutorials a-plenty for anyone interested.

Anyhoo, must eat dinner, drink wine and try to get a move on with this doll.(if I can tear myself away from reading everyone's recent posts.)

BTW, thanks to my new followers for being interested in me - it truly makes my day!


Friday 27 May 2011

Annaboo's House Gifts

Went to visit my good friend, Dougie today and thought she was in need of a cheer up, so took her a couple of little bits I made with Nan's sewing machine.
I'm thinking of selling some of my crafty wares at the local Community market-mainly the crochet stuff, but thought i'd give some other simple sewing ideas a go too:


She really liked them, which made my day.
She is also now my official product manager, having come up with loads of brill ideas for things I can make and sell.

I also had to show you all a couple of my great charity shop finds from today:

Item 1: cute cotton jumper
Thrifty finds

Item 2: Whistles (yes, Whistles) cardigan
Thrifty finds
Hmmm it looks a bit mad in the photo, but is lovely on.

Item 3: Drum-roll, please ... These fab Mohair yarns for just 50p each!
Thrifty finds
These will be great for a little crochet-y project I'm working on ...

Happy weekend x

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Fairy Toadstool Crochet

Just a quickie post.

Crochet toadstool

This is a little amigurumi crochet I have been working on. It wasn't particularly difficult, and I 'used the force' (that's a proper crochet term, right?) when it came to creating the pattern: made in two pieces, filled with rice in the bottom to give it some weight and decorated with crochet, felt and beads.

Hope you like. X

Sunday 22 May 2011

Just wonderf-owl

I think, through reading so many illuminating, witty and just damn good blogs, I have unwittingly absorbed a new love for all things owl-ish.
I actually didn't realise I had been infected with the bug until I saw this in the charity shop:

Owlish fun

I literally ran to the shelf, grabbed him (yes, my owl is a he) and knew I had to have him. In fact, it was only once I had paid for him and had his heavy little being in my bag, that I knew I had the owl-love thing.

He just looks so good on the mantlepiece (must get rid of Royal Wedding Korknisse).

Owlish fun

Already, I have found myself seeking out all things owl-y; it seems there is no point just having one owl, you need many.

Good grief. Where will it end....? Fellow owl-loving bloggers, I blame you...

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Nan's old sewing machine

I've been thinking for a while now about several sewing-project-y things I'd like to do and so decided today that I should get out nan's old sewing machine to see if the old gal still works (the machine, not Nan- she's working fine).

It's a 1970s Frister Rossman Cub 7:

Frister Rossman cub 7

Egad! The thing weighs a tonne. The last time I used it was yeeeeears ago, before Number 1 was born, and while we were still living in our old house. Even then, I only managed to make some very easy cushions and curtains.

Frister Rossman cub 7

The original manual was still in the box and I managed to thread it up.

Frister Rossman cub 7

I'd forgotten how many different stitches this baby could do - I think it must be quite a good model. Anyhoo, I gave it a little test run and it hummed along smoothly. What to do next? Well the manual inspired me to try out appliqué. For the first time, I might add.


Love the model in the photo. So I cut out a little heart (some old Ikea fabric, I think)...

Little appliqué heart

Pinned it...

Little appliqué heart

Appliqued it (not perfect, but not too bad, I thought)...

Little appliqué heart

And made it into a little stuffed heart.
Next time i'll add a hanging loop and actually draw a template so I get a better shape, but I'm really pleased with how well the sewing machine works.
Lots more projects to come, I think. Bunting next ...

Monday 16 May 2011

Weekend wonders

Now there's a place for Ikea and all things high street, but I truly love finding great things at car boot sales, charity shops, antique stalls etc. It gives me a little buzz (and my purse is only a little lighter).
Here's a cute vintage basket I found in the antique shop.

Basket of wool

I think I was inspired by Kristen's title photo on her Cozy Things blog! Those balls of yarn look so homely, plus I 'needed' somewhere to store mine which looks pretty. (That's what I tell the Mr, anyway).

I also found this lovely French bedlinen, perfect for my little girl's room.


What makes it even better is that it was sold as a single duvet set, but when I got it home, I realised that actually it's a double! Brilliant! I shall dust off Nan's old sewing machine, craft myself a single cover and get busy making bunting and cushion covers with the leftovers. Luckily, Number 2 is still in a cot, so I've got some time before she'll need a duvet.

We also had a great time in the garden this weekend: making new flower beds, getting rid of an old shed and generally having fun with the kids. Feel a bit tired today - the flower beds are either full of builder's rubble or thick with clay.
These cheered me up though..


Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday 13 May 2011

Spot the difference

Not sure if I should admit to watching the Eurovision song thingy on telly, but it just happened to be on as I was catching up with some crochet...
Anyhoo, I couldn't help but be mesmerised my Moldova's entry...

Image from

I wonder where they found their inspiration? ...

4 little korknisse

Ha ha ha!

Thursday 12 May 2011

Tunip the Vegimal ...!

So here's a little Amigurumi:

Tunip the Vegimal

Anyone familiar with the Octonauts will hopefully recognise Tunip the Vegimal. I just kind of 'used the force' when it came to creating his body and flippers, but came a bit unstuck with his hair. Luckily a quick bit of Googling took me to Kandjdolls blog where a pattern had been posted! Problem solved.
Very easy to make and keeping Number 1 happy (for now) as the latest addition to his crew.

The octonauts
Image from BBC

Monday 9 May 2011

Great views, noo shoes and dolly's new dress too!

So, after the iron decided to self-combust today, (no, really- smoke and burning and everything!) things were improved immeasurably by the morning walk to pre-school. Who couldn't be cheered up by this?
The beautiful Sussex Downs.

View of south downs

And this ...?

View of south downs

I dropped off number 1 and moseyed into town for a quick look around. A visit to my local charity shop also helped raise spirits considerably when I stumbled upon these lovely shoes:

Noo shoos

Unworn! Perfect for balmy days.

* Mental note to self .. Must stop wearing jeans and t-shirts and dig out floaty summer dresses and fake tan ... *

Also, am still trying to crochet (Ha! Where is there time?) and am working on a little project, but for now, am very pleased with this latest dress for my little crochet dolly:

Dolly's new dress!

I adapted the original pattern and have made it a couple of stitches narrower and a few more longer. I think the colours work ok too.

Dolly and dresses

I think next time, I will try working the dress in the round; this one was made by sewing two pieces together and although it looks ok in the photo, it's a bit clunky along the seams.

Am still pleased though!

Sunday 8 May 2011

My very first blogger award!!!

Versatile blogger

Ooooooooh this has made my day! Elaine at Northern Hi-Lights has very kindly nominated me for this award.

The rules are that I have to list 7 facts about myself and pass the award on to 7 other bloggy people so ...

Firstly, 7 interesting (!?) facts about little ol' me:

*I have only been crocheting for 5 monthes and blogging for 3 and am loving both!!
* I would have loved to be a racing driver.
* Before relocating to Sussex, I was a primary school teacher (and although not teaching at the moment, I still consider myself to be one).
* I can play the trumpet (errrrr not very well).
* I have a teenage- type lusting for Glee.
* I can still remember the sign language alphabet which I learnt at primary school!
* I have the world's most irrational fear of spiders. Ever. Completely freak me out. Actually, giving me the eebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

And now for my 7 wonderful bloggers- thank you for your inspiration and thank you to all the others I have no room for here!

Cozy Things
Meme Rose
Yarn Round Hook
Pixie Peg Crafts
Swedish House
Mias Landliv

What a lovely surprise today.
Blog on, all! X

Sunday 1 May 2011

A little bit more DIY :)))

A little while back, Grandma and Grandad had the grandkids for the day, which meant that me and the Mr could have a peek around our local antique shop:

Imagine an oldy-worldly shop with loads of little rooms, filled to the rafters with odds and ends, with not a level surface to be seen anywhere (not buggy-friendly in any way, whatsoever).
We love it!

And so, we purchased the lovely pine dresser for our kitchen and also this little, unassuming pine shelving unit:

Scallop shelves before ...

All it needed was a coat or two of spray paint (I'm just too lazy for the real stuff) and voilà! A great set of shelves for our downstairs cloakroom!

Revamped shelved

Not the best of photos, but I think you get the idea. I also found some great vintage photos in the antique shop too:

Vintage photo of Eastbourne
Vintage postcard of Hastings

I also raided my stash of lovely vintage books to provide some kitsch reading material, should anyone require it. My fav is probably this:

Five are together again first edition

A first-edition 1963 copy of some good old Enid Blyton. I definitely didn't buy this, so can only surmise that I must have 'acquired' it from mum and dad's. . Hmmmmmmmmm. Not a word.