Sunday 1 May 2011

A little bit more DIY :)))

A little while back, Grandma and Grandad had the grandkids for the day, which meant that me and the Mr could have a peek around our local antique shop:

Imagine an oldy-worldly shop with loads of little rooms, filled to the rafters with odds and ends, with not a level surface to be seen anywhere (not buggy-friendly in any way, whatsoever).
We love it!

And so, we purchased the lovely pine dresser for our kitchen and also this little, unassuming pine shelving unit:

Scallop shelves before ...

All it needed was a coat or two of spray paint (I'm just too lazy for the real stuff) and voilĂ ! A great set of shelves for our downstairs cloakroom!

Revamped shelved

Not the best of photos, but I think you get the idea. I also found some great vintage photos in the antique shop too:

Vintage photo of Eastbourne
Vintage postcard of Hastings

I also raided my stash of lovely vintage books to provide some kitsch reading material, should anyone require it. My fav is probably this:

Five are together again first edition

A first-edition 1963 copy of some good old Enid Blyton. I definitely didn't buy this, so can only surmise that I must have 'acquired' it from mum and dad's. . Hmmmmmmmmm. Not a word.

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  1. shelves look brilliant - can't beat a bit of vintage Enid!


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