Saturday, 28 May 2011


So my current crochet project is a little doll. I want to improve on my previous effort and make a doll with a separate head. I also have a stash of various-sized safety eyes from the charity shop and want to give her big eyes, as I think it might look better.

This is where I am up to.

Crochet doll head

I think she'll work out ok, but she does give me the eeebie-jeebies in her disembodied state!

Also must share with you a great idea. Her head is jointed to the body using a safety eye! It works like a dream and no fiddly sewing together.

Crochet doll head
Crochet doll head

I cannot take credit as I borrowed the idea from Beth at By Hook, By Hand.- Do check out her website, she makes the most amazing crochet dolls and there are patterns and tutorials a-plenty for anyone interested.

Anyhoo, must eat dinner, drink wine and try to get a move on with this doll.(if I can tear myself away from reading everyone's recent posts.)

BTW, thanks to my new followers for being interested in me - it truly makes my day!