Saturday, 4 June 2011

Crafting with Katie

You can tell it's half term, as I don't really know if I'm coming or going and haven't had time to do anything creative: my crochet dolly is still in a state of disembodied strangeness and all other projects are in a similar state of limbo.

However, I did manage to complete one great crafty project with my mate Dougie's little girl, Katie. She was the recipient of some of my bunting and had really liked it (bless 'er) and had asked me if she could make something.

So we designed, chose fabric, pinned and cut..

Sewing with Katie

...and then got out the ol' sewing machine...

Sewing with Katie

...and I must say, I think she did a sterling job. Well done, Katie. Excellent work for someone who's only been on the planet for 6 years.

'katie's room

(Dougie tells me that Katie wants to add 'Katie's room' to the 'Annaboo's house' range of gifts and will come and work in my shop, when I have one).

Ha ha . Xx

P.S. Am having right old trouble trying to comment on your lovely blogs. So sorry. Naughty Blogger.