Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sandy toes and pedalos:))

Hola, mi amiga. Comos estas?

Majorca beach kids

Apologies. I can only speak Spanish thanks to Google translate.

BUT me, the Mr, the Mr's oldies and the kids have just returned from a fab holiday in Majorca....

Majorca tree1

Not sunny every day, but sweet and warm...

...Sandy baby toes

Sandy baby toes

Beachy pedalos


I even managed to fit in a little holiday crochet!

Holiday crochet
Gosh, even woolly projects look a little healthier in the sun and surrounded by palm trees.
Will hopefully be a shrug for the winter. Very seasonal, I know.

Anyhoo, am off to get some sleep, as will be spending tomorrow knee-deep in the bloomin' washing, and tidying up.
Hate the holiday clean-up :(

Looking forward to catching up with all your lovely blogs. Feel a bit out of the loop!