Monday, 20 June 2011

A little crochet and some funky junk ;)

Well here's my latest up-cycling project- crochet tin can covers!

Pencil pots crochet

Inspired here by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.
Useful for keeping everything in. I never knew how much I needed them until I made them!
Also note my copy of Mollie Makes (can't wait to have a cuppa and a flick-through) and some cute paper in the background. Am planning a new crafty makeover, just need to find the time (Ha! When?!).

Here's some recent charity shop finds, or 'funky junk', as I'm going to call it from now on. (Can't repeat what the Mr calls it. Think he's just glad I'm not buying expensive stuff from the high street)

First, some kitsch:
Sound the Owl-alert .... Just couldn't resist these owlish tea light holders:

Tealight owls Fawn
A dear little deer, or should it be fawn? (photo not brilliant, sorry)

Vintage tea cup

And a cute little vintage tea cup and saucer (found 2 of these and 3 little side plates too)

Not to stop there, I've also bagged myself some great additions to my teeeeeny, tiiiiny wardrobe of clothes. Really, I have NOTHING to wear. Well, I do now:

A gorgeous Fat Face shawl and Topshop mohair shrug:

Shawl Mohair shrug

Also a sweet cotton cardi- I love the neckline at the back!

V back cardi
The skirt is also a thrifted one- Boden, no less!

Well, am off now to have a glass of the red and a catch up with all your news.