Thursday, 16 June 2011

Quick n easy crafty project

This is a project I have wanted to make for ages, but has been sitting in hiatus in the garage. I had originally seen this image on Pinterest and was inspired...

.... begin with a picture/ mirror you don't like anymore (or never liked) but a frame which you do like:
Picture bought from car boot for £2. (I cannot repeat what I said to the Mr on hearing that he'd bought this- I think it's terrible, but liked the frame)

Frame makeover 1

Anyhoo, remove backing, picture, glass etc,
Paint/ spray frame if you fancy something different,
Use staple gun to attach wire or twine or whatever you fancy across the back of the frame.
(or you could use cute eye hooks screwed into the front of the frame if you want to make a feature of it)
I attached mine horizontally, but you could make a criss-cross or vertical pattern too.

Frame makeover 2

Ta daaaaaaaaaaa!
Use mini pegs to attach photos/ memos etc.
For now, I've got some vintage postcards of the local seafront, but want to add some great photos of the kids at the beach too.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey:))