Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa !

So, I am ready to reveal my little doll, now complete!

Well, complete-ish. She still needs clothes.

Anyhoo, before I get there, I just had to share this pic, taken on the walk to pre-school, along a pretty, residential road.
So Number 2 is in the buggy, saying 'Mooooooo', and I'm like 'Moo? No, darlin' there's no cows here.' And then I see what she is pointing at...


Yes, a cow. A full-sized model cow. In a front garden. As you do.

Back to the doll. But just to keep you hanging on a bit longer, thought I'd show you how I made her wig..
Many thanks, AGAIN to the wonderful Beth for her brilliant tutorials on how to make these gorgeous dolls. (do go see her blog, it's fab)

This is my thrifted mohair. I crocheted a wig cap.

Dolly wig 1 Dolly wig 1

This made a little furry swimming hat!
Next, I made a chain. And wound lengths of yarn.

Dolly wig 1 Dolly wig 1

Next, I pinned the chain down and threaded the yarn onto each side of the chain. This creates a centre parting (I want my doll to have little bunches)

Wig 2 Wig 2

Now for stitching it along the middle of her head. And a view from the back..

Wig 2 Wig 2

... and now for my Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!

Wig and doll complete

This is the moment in doll-making when Beth says that the doll tells you their name ...
And it's true.
Mine is called Chloe.