Sunday 3 July 2011

Chloe's dress and odds and ends

This post is a bit of a hodge-podge of different things I've been up to in the last week.
So here she is again, this time dressed:

Chloe doll complete
Chloe doll complete

I crocheted her little dress using a variation of Beth's (By hook, by hand) basic doll camisole pattern and added a simple shell stitch skirt. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and the yarn is cute too - it has a sparkle to it.
Thanks again, Beth. Am already planning my next doll..

Next, some more crafty makes...


Owlies Owlies Owlies
Owls with pockets? Who doesn't need one?

Making more blocks ready to print:

Crafty bricks

And some lush vintage must-haves from the the olde antique shoppe:

Vintage goodies Vintage goodies
A lovely hand stitched tablecloth- in beautiful condition. Loving that roses motif.

Vintage goodies Vintage goodies
Vintage edging and doilies (Doilies??!! My inner granny had a loud voice that day)

And, most amusingly...

Vintage goodies

Yes, bunnies. A cruet set, no less. Cute, kitsch AND useful.
Bet you all want one now.

Wishing you all a good week!


  1. I just love that doll!
    She is so ridiculously cute!!!
    I have tried a few times to make dolls/teddies, however they turn out looking crazy creepy. Really really creepy. I have given up trying now, but the adorableness of Chloe really makes me want to try again-sooooooooo cute!!

  2. OMG, those bunnies are adorable!!

    Chloe is looking good too!!

    S x

  3. Anna, such a lovely post. I love the roses tablecloth, and your little Chloe is a delight! You did just exactly what I hope other dollmakers do: adapt the clothing patterns to your own style. Love this dress! I've always liked the versatility of this bodice, I use it all the time :-)

    Hope you post her picture on the Free Spirit photo group.


  4. Chloe is really cute with her pink dress! Love those owls! And what great finds! I adore those bunnies!

  5. She's so pretty in pink, perfect color for her dress, i really love that dolly. The owls are sooo cute, what a great idea giving them pockets, lovely post, beautiful finds, especially the tablecloth, pure bliss........... :)
    Karen xx

  6. Sooo pretty - love the little buttons. And that is a lovely tablecloth too x

  7. Just love the blocks, i have never seen these before.xx

  8. You have been so busy! Chloe is amazing, are you going to make her different outfits? Have a wonderful day,

  9. Chloe is so endearing. Well done! I love her sparkly pink dress. Sigh of pleasure.

    I am having my first crochet lesson this Saturday so maybe I can get some doll's clothes ideas from you in future.

    Thank you so much for popping over to my blog. I shall look forward to visiting you soon ;-)

    ps Are you in East of West Sussex? I'm originally from Tun Wells....

  10. Yes ma'am, I do want one now! Lovely finds, super cute owls, and I am in love with Chloe.

  11. The doll, the Owls, the bunnies......I'm in adorable heaven :) xx

  12. You doll has tured out beautifully and really professionaly finished. I love the owls- I have a penchant for them. As for the bunnies, I saw a pair similar at the boot sale on sunday, they were going for £20, a little bit out of my price range.

  13. I just love this post, it's full of gorgeousness. Chloe's dress, the owls and those two little bunnies, wonderful!

  14. Chloe is absolutely gorgeous! I love her hair, it's brilliant. Hope you're having a fab week.

  15. I love the doll so sweeeeet and of course it is all darlin'. ......bunnies

  16. Oh my Godness! The doll is so amazing! Love all gorgeous thing you found. I'm looking around your blog and honestly you did bring me a great inspiration! I love all beautiful stuff you've made! Such a talented woman, superb work!!!

  17. What lovely things you make. The doll is gorgeous. x


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