Friday 29 July 2011

Mail, hair and awards

A lovely little envelope was delivered by Mr postman today:

Googly eyes received

An old page from a Clifford book, made into an envelope?
What's inside?

Googly eyes received

Comedy eyes?
Many, many thanks to Melissa from All Sewn Up- your gift of sticky eyes made us laugh and laugh today.

The first recipients were very pleased:

Googly eyes received

I feel they'll be put to good use this holiday!
Thanks again, Melissa (Do have a peep at her lovely blog- it's lush. Xx)

That was the 'mail' bit of my title. Next is the 'hair' bit! - and I'd like to thank you all for voting on my little elf's barnet choice and can reveal that the winner .....!

Blue haired elf

I agree, I think this looks cute and I promise, I won't let the little pink and black wigs go to waste- I'll be making dolls for them soon.

Another thank you to the marv'lus people who have given me awards. Thank you so much. I still feel humbled that anyone would read my little bloggy - do check out the side-bar to the right and take a peekie at their blogs too. (I had to hijack the Mister's work laptop to put the awards onto the blog so sorry for delay- ipads are cool, but there's plenty of stuff they can't do)

Here's a handful of interesting (?!) facts about moi:

* my actual name is Sarah
* my blog is named after my daughter's nickname
* although I love holidays abroad, i feel at home when surrounded by the green stuff - grass, trees and the like
* I'm a real autumn/winter girl- dark evenings, crisp mornings, scarves, cosy jumpers, blankets, rain, candlelight, mulled wine, fireworks, long walks, real fires (preferably in pubs on a Saturday lunchtime)
* actually, I'm a real Christmas girl - all that nostalgia above made me get my Xmas groove on. Bring on the red and gold, the holly and ivy, the tinsel and stockings.

Thanks again for the awards. If you are reading this, you all deserve one too!

Right, am off to get glass of wine and catch up with all of you, too.
Have a good weekend.


  1. Hellooooo Sarah :)

    Oh yay for the blue!!! Me fav :)

    Autumn has to be the best season of all :D

    Jo x

  2. All the best people are called Sarah!!

    Love the sticky eyes!! Isn't amazing how something so simple can turn a bowl of fruit into something to chuckle at?!!

    Yay for the blue, I voted for that!!

    S x

  3. Positively love the way you stuck those eyes on the fruit. Adore the blue hair!
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  4. What an all around GREAT post! The sticky eyes made me the personality they brought to your pile of fruit. And I love knowing your name is Sarah! And how your blog got its name! And your dollies are so adorable. I wish I was as talented as YOU!!!!! And Autumn/Winter Girl...NICE TO MEET YOU! I resemble that remark! All the things you mentioned that go with the Autumn...hmmmmmm, yes! Love that ol' Christmas hoiday as well! It's ridiculous what I've accumulated over the years in the way of decor! The attic is bulging at its seams! Sorry for the novel...just a great post that brought out lots of words! Hugs, Annette

  5. Aw, didn't get a chance to vote. But I woulda said blue, so it's all good...I'm freaked out that your name is not actually Annaboo, which is a killah name. I'm going to keep calling you that anyway, hope that's okay. ;)

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I love your crochet dolls and creatures. Really cute!

  7. I think the blue was a fab choice, the little elf is looking cuter than cute!

    I am SUCH a Christmas person. I do love everything about Autumn and early Winter - crunchy leaves and chunky knitted cardigans and stews and the like, but it's Christmas that's my favourite. It's the best time of year for me! I love seeing my family, and snow, and giving presents, and the lights... I really shouldn't be thinking about Christmas in July but I can't help it! :D x

  8. Love the eyes!!! That's just the sort of thing that would make me giggle for days, especially seeing the fruit bowl every time! What a fabulous envelope! Nice to know a bit about you too.

  9. Sarah, I love that name and it's perfect for you. Love the doll and although I voted for pink the blue lookslovely on her.
    Happy Weekend,

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Great goggle eyes, showed my little one who is now quite insistant we get some to stick on ours and am sure lots of other things around the house too....

    Have to say i voted pink... but blue is nice too..

    And i have to agree with the Autumn/christmas... love that time of year... i think it adds to it with my little one getting so excited and also being extremeply helpful... lol...

    have a good week

    Tabs x

  11. Wow! The hair looks amazing! How I love your baby doll! And those stitcky eyes are so cute, the way you stuck them on the fruit is so creative! Such a lovely post!
    Great week ahead to you!
    Lovestitch, x

  12. I love the cute eyes on the fruit- how adorable. The blue hair is pretty cool x

  13. Love these, so cute! I linked to them on my blog this morning:


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