Friday, 22 July 2011

Bits n bobs

This is one of those funny little posts where I have some odds and ends to show.

Like this crochet pin cushion/ upcycled jam jar combo.

Crochet pin cushion

Inspiration here
Rainbow colours to brighten a dismal day.

Here's another WIP. Another doll. [See the first here]

[And actually, I think my dolls are little Elves (not the sort that Father Christmas might employ, I might add). I like their pointy ears.]

Basic dolly 2

She's using the same, modified pattern of Beth's (do see here)

Now I know that many of you wonderful ladies were a tad envious of my little Noro-wool-extravaganza-charity shop-find in my last post.

Well I didn't want to disappoint you today -
Here's my latest haul: 10 balls of mohair for 6 quid. Hmmm one ball missing from the photo. Must be camera-shy

Mohair find

Look at that old BHS logo on the label- it's got to be from the 80's (showing my age, now).
And here's what I made with some of it .. Can you guess what it is ...?

Mohair wig caps

Well they are leeeeetle wig caps for my Elf (can't decide on a colour yet- will be asking you clever ladies for some advice in my next post when the wigs are completed)
And can I say- crocheting with black mohair? Suicidal. I could not see where the stiches were and so 'used the force'. Luckily, it's turned out ok. Must be some sort of Jedi luck.

Still with me? Well I also thought you might like to see how I work. I've read a few posts by other bloggers who have shown their sketches/ drawing boards and I think it's interesting to see the process. Here's my messy notebook: anyone do something similar?

How I work
(note to self: must make copies to a 21st century computerised device to prevent getting burnt in fire/ lost in transit/ scribbled on by toddler.)

Often, I wish there were more hours in the day- mine are spent with the little'uns (priceless) and then I get some quality time to mull over the day with the Mister (sanity), and then I might just get a bit of time to crochet in the evening (restorative).
I dream about crochet/crafty projects at the moment, I guess because I don't have the time during the day, but I have to say, I am the happiest I think I have ever been.

Thank you to all who find the time to follow, read and comment on my blog.
You make this all worthwhile.

Enjoy the weekend. Xxxx