Monday 17 September 2012

Feeling Smug

Yes, I am feeling super-smug at the moment, for I have actually completed a project.


It's been a nice little school-holiday-kinda-thing - you know the sort you can pick up, make stitch, put down, wipe small person's nose, feed cat, wipe cat food off small person (who has insisted on 'helping' to feed aforementioned feline), pick up again and make next stitch.




No counting of rows, no masses of yarn to carry around, no complicated new techniques to learn.


And so, my very first crochet cushion is made:


I have to admit to feeling very pleased with myself and was surprised by how easily it came together. I love the pattern (available here), with its circle in the centre and the white edging looks very summery (I'd like to do another surrounded in dark grey for the winter, I think).

I like the buttons which close the back too (two small people + feline = wash-ability).



Here it is in situ . On the chair where it will live:


I have had a slight crisis where a few of the stitches have come undone. I suspect the problem is the knotting coming unravelled somehow - I blame the small people and the feline for actually using the cushion, rather than moving it off the chair when they sit down (do they know nothing??!!!). Anyhoos, all has been rescued and swiftly mended before too much unravelling has occurred.



I think for my next cushion I will use something a bit more acrylic or wool-based- my only criteria is that it must be affordable and washable. Any suggestions great fully received, as always.

On a complete change of subject, can I say how marvellous Instagram is. I have fallen for its simplicity. I love to see what other people are up to and share my photos too. It's like mini-blogging. And if I like what someone has posted, I can click 'like' so they know, or I can write a comment if I have something to say.



As much as I like blogging, I am finding I have less time to comment on as many posts as I would like, which I don't feel is fair on you all. Really, I'd like to be able to press a little 'like' button to let you know that I've read and appreciated your post- that all your hard work and creativity is acknowledged and that you are very much a part of my blogging journey.



So a big thank you for taking your time to be here.

I really, really appreciate it.



Have a great week.



Thursday 6 September 2012

Japanese Kokeshi Crochet

Am trying to get back to normal. Whatever that is.

Child number one has returned to school and routines are being re-established.

My crochet cushion is coming on a-nicely, too.

But I love the little projects in-between; you know, the small, quick-fixes. The 'only-takes-an-hour-ish' instant fix.

And so, as many of you know, I love the little Korknisse or Norwegian cork-gnomes.

Traditionally these little fellas sport pointed hats. Other versions are adorned with witches hats, or dressed as knights or blacked out as ninjas.

And so my deviations lead me here:

A Japanese Kokeshi cork creation (adapted from Lucy Ravenscar's knight pattern). [Kokeshi are wooden Japanese dolls. Their history is a little ambiguous, but they were essentially sold to tourists as souvenirs.]

Here's my original doll. Found in a charity shop if I remember correctly:

And so followed this:


And this:


The best bit was decorating them. Such fun!!


Right, back to the cushion for me.

Have a great weekend!