Thursday 6 September 2012

Japanese Kokeshi Crochet

Am trying to get back to normal. Whatever that is.

Child number one has returned to school and routines are being re-established.

My crochet cushion is coming on a-nicely, too.

But I love the little projects in-between; you know, the small, quick-fixes. The 'only-takes-an-hour-ish' instant fix.

And so, as many of you know, I love the little Korknisse or Norwegian cork-gnomes.

Traditionally these little fellas sport pointed hats. Other versions are adorned with witches hats, or dressed as knights or blacked out as ninjas.

And so my deviations lead me here:

A Japanese Kokeshi cork creation (adapted from Lucy Ravenscar's knight pattern). [Kokeshi are wooden Japanese dolls. Their history is a little ambiguous, but they were essentially sold to tourists as souvenirs.]

Here's my original doll. Found in a charity shop if I remember correctly:

And so followed this:


And this:


The best bit was decorating them. Such fun!!


Right, back to the cushion for me.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Oh My Gosh! These really are too adorable!

  2. They are so adorable!!!!! You must be having so much fun.

  3. Hi !...this is so cute,love the green one.Cute :0)

  4. Love them.....great addition to the others!

    Bish-bash-bosh crochet is the best, I undertake a fair bit of it much to my hubby's amusement.

    Routine is a funny thing, it's lovely to escape from it, but after a while I feel the need to get back to it....two big boys are back, littlest starts back on Monday and then watch the weeks fly by!

    Have a great weekend me dear!

  5. Would you consider a pattern for your kokeshi dolls, I would love to make one for my daughter. I am trying your monkey/cat/rabbit but am struggling a bit as it is the first time I have done anything like this (can only do a little at time as my it hurts my fingers) and these little dolls look nice and simple for a beginner (to amigurumi) like me.
    Thank you so much.
    Susan x

  6. These are truly amazing!!! I love Japanese dolls.
    Moving on my birthday (gah!!!) but after that, let's hook up (see what I did there) and catch up. It's been way too long.
    Can't believe I haven't seen you for flipping ages.
    Lots of love.
    x x x x

  7. They are great! I do love kokeshis :-) Hope the giveaway prize arrived with you safely. Laura (strawberrymousecrafts)

  8. Sarah these are fantastic!! So lovely, they make me smile :) love 'em!!

    Jo x x x

  9. Absolutely adorable. Gorgeous. Clever you. Haven't made any Korknisse for ages. You may have just inspired me again. Xx

  10. What girl doesn't love to play with dolls? This looks like fun, making each one different. A very satisfying mini project indeed!

  11. Sweet!! Well you know I like kokeshi dolls, I have a corner with my collection all looking lovely :-)

    Love your korknisse one, they are adorable and a great excuse to drink wine too, win win!

    Have a fab weekend.
    Lori xxx

  12. So cute, I love your little dols :)

  13. Wow! They are great!!!!

    I'm also your newest follower!


  14. These are so cute...the little embroidered details you've added make them extra special too! Bravo!!

  15. Just a quick congrats on being featured over at Tangled Happy! Your work is always so inspirational!!!! Hugs, Annette

  16. Jeez you're a clever thing aren't you! These are just soooo utterly adorable. Have a fab week hon. See you again soon.

  17. Quick makes are the best and these are super cute... LOVE them!! :-)

    Louise xx


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