Monday, 9 May 2011

Great views, noo shoes and dolly's new dress too!

So, after the iron decided to self-combust today, (no, really- smoke and burning and everything!) things were improved immeasurably by the morning walk to pre-school. Who couldn't be cheered up by this?
The beautiful Sussex Downs.

View of south downs

And this ...?

View of south downs

I dropped off number 1 and moseyed into town for a quick look around. A visit to my local charity shop also helped raise spirits considerably when I stumbled upon these lovely shoes:

Noo shoos

Unworn! Perfect for balmy days.

* Mental note to self .. Must stop wearing jeans and t-shirts and dig out floaty summer dresses and fake tan ... *

Also, am still trying to crochet (Ha! Where is there time?) and am working on a little project, but for now, am very pleased with this latest dress for my little crochet dolly:

Dolly's new dress!

I adapted the original pattern and have made it a couple of stitches narrower and a few more longer. I think the colours work ok too.

Dolly and dresses

I think next time, I will try working the dress in the round; this one was made by sewing two pieces together and although it looks ok in the photo, it's a bit clunky along the seams.

Am still pleased though!