Sunday, 22 May 2011

Just wonderf-owl

I think, through reading so many illuminating, witty and just damn good blogs, I have unwittingly absorbed a new love for all things owl-ish.
I actually didn't realise I had been infected with the bug until I saw this in the charity shop:

Owlish fun

I literally ran to the shelf, grabbed him (yes, my owl is a he) and knew I had to have him. In fact, it was only once I had paid for him and had his heavy little being in my bag, that I knew I had the owl-love thing.

He just looks so good on the mantlepiece (must get rid of Royal Wedding Korknisse).

Owlish fun

Already, I have found myself seeking out all things owl-y; it seems there is no point just having one owl, you need many.

Good grief. Where will it end....? Fellow owl-loving bloggers, I blame you...