Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sale of the century

Saturday 3rd September. My first crafty sale.

Here's my table:

Image from My iPhone!

I just loved setting this up (I'd even had a practice the night before) and was really pleased with how it looked.

Image from My iPhone!

I made little signs to describe my stuff and printed labels and even sewed (badly) my little labels onto my cowls and mug cosies.

Image from My iPhone!

Cor blimey though, I totally underestimated how much time all this would take to do (burning the midnight oil is NOT preferable the night before your sale ..)

I'd even finished a couple of dolls.

Image from My iPhone! Dolls

(Did not like pink wig on pale skinned elf. Just looked wrong. Made blonde wig also night before. More burning of midnight oil)
Note to self: Crocheting with mohair is mental at night when the light is bad. Never, never again.

How much did I make?
Minus £5. Didn't even cover the cost of my table!!!!
It was such a shame- the sale had been well-advertised, but it was so quiet.
My fellow stall-holders likewise made few sales and were not impressed by the lack of buyers (apparently there was a big auction in the next village and a big craft and food fair going on too). Also, I don't think people were expecting a craft stall- most people glanced, but didn't come to look. The other stalls included bric-brac, homemade jams, fresh eggs, antiques and a man selling army surplus, obviously.

But, do you know what? I had a great time. This was something for me and I loved every minute.
The people who did come and look were full of compliments and loved my wares. I met some great people (lovely Sue next to me selling fab jams) and I made a couple of contacts: another market nearer Christmas time (bit more crafty this time) and a lovely lady who again thought my things were great and who hosts a Christmas craft sale and wants me to be there! Amazing!

And, I loved the 4 hours of peace and quiet, sitting, chatting, crocheting and listening to the locals.

Another sale?
I think so.

Have a great week. Looking forward to catching up with you all now.