Monday 29 August 2011

More leeeetle blocks!

I'd like to start by saying hello to my new followers- thank you. I can't believe that I have 80 of you who enjoy being here.
And to the gals who comment on my stuff- a great big hug. You really make my day!

So not so much happening in my land of crochet (just some mundane finishing of WIPs). But here are some new blocks!

Image from My iPhone!

Image from My iPhone! Image from My iPhone!

Image from My iPhone!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the blocks and I know many of you would love a tutorial, but I have decided to sell! I've signed up for a table top sale this Saturday (may turn out to be more of a jumble sale than craft fair, but worth trying I guess) and am also toying with the whole Etsy/Folksy thing too.
Can I ask about your experiences of online selling? Does anyone sell much? Is it worth it?
I'd love to know!
I may be a bit absent from blogland this week as I try to get everything ready for my stall, but I look forward to catching up with all your blognews soon!

Wish me luck, and have a great week everyone.



  1. Good for you! I have no real experience to offer, but am sure you'll do fabulously. Good luck with it! I am loving the images you have on the blocks, so cute.

  2. More cute blocks. Good luck with your stall, I hope you do well.
    Anne xx

  3. Hi, cool blocks.I do sell online, i have Folksy, only had it for a while, and have had 2 sales already. I also sell elsewhere.Good luck with your stall, you'll love

  4. Good luck with your stall - I think you should do very well ;D.
    The thing about having to do lots of boring finishing off of the WIPs is that you will soon have a lovely tada post to do!
    Looking forward to hearing how you got on X

  5. Ha ha... I love the giggle one! I think you will sell loads...whether it be on Folksy, Etsy or table-top... I haven't seen anything like these, and they will make great Christmas pressies... :)x

  6. Best of luck with your stall, i would def buy some....... You'll do great & have lots of fun :)
    Karen x

  7. Love, love, love them! I've set up an account at Etsy and Folksy too and now trying to make enough stuff to put on there! Most of my stuff so far is edible so not quite so easy! Love the idea of new baby blocks with the name and date of birth, make a lovely keepsake! Need to blog about my knitted version of your Korknisse people soon so as there's a new community coming to life here and much played with! Thanks!

  8. Oh I love the new giggle one! I'm sure you'll do great at the sale, I'd buy them :-) I'm hoping to start selling too on etsy and folksy soon so no advice but good luck to both of us!

  9. Oooh la la - your leetle blocks they are tres chic, non? I love your leetle blocks - paf! I am in love...
    Emily x

  10. These are great! Best of luck to you on Saturday and I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  11. Hi Just found your lovely blog, you make such lovely things. Just love those blogs and very much coveting that toadstool. (Have a bit of a thing for those!)

    Good luck with your sale at the weekend. Have been thinking about doing the same for yonks (read years) Still havent taken the plunge yet though!

    MBB x

  12. Good luck with the stall! Don't be disheartened if sales are slow. These things are so hit and miss. My father in law is a bee keeper and sells honey and bee wax candles and he says sometimes the events you think will be good are rubbish and vice versa


  13. Good luck i'm sure you'll do well your blocks are gorgeous as is your blog. Sandra x

  14. Well done, and good luck! I have no advice to offer, other than to say that when pricing, don't forget to pay yourself--insist on being worth it. I think you'll be a mad success--let us know how it goes!

  15. I've been a bit slack looking at your blog recently, but I love these blocks they are gorgeous. I don't blame you for trying to sell them. They will be a winner I'm sure. Good luck x

  16. Great to hear that you're going to give the stall a try, I think you'll do really well. Obviously I have never had a stall before but I buy from loads of them (!) and am a sucker for a pretty stand so my advice is to get a bit of height and interest on your table rather than just displaying things in lines or boxes/containers. I've seen people use little rustic/shabby chic shelving units, tiny stools and all sorts.

    Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but I thought I'd give my tuppence worth!

    Show us some pictures and let us know how you get on. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Nicki xx

  17. Hi there,
    I have just discovered your blog and absolutely ADORE it!!!
    I too am crochet mad and love to sit and crochet when I can, especially modern designs, you have so many great projects on your blog and with great bright colours too.
    I am working towards a market stall at the moment, will this be your first market stall?
    feel free to check out my blog at

    Kate :)

  18. Fantastic!! Your blocks are super cute and I'm certain they'll sell really well. Good luck. I look forward to seeing a picture of your stall.


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