Sunday, 14 August 2011

Let's get cosy

Well, eerrrrm, tea-cup cosy to be exact:

Mug cosies 3

Not original, as I have seen this sort of thing on t'internet before, but hopefully, a bit different.

As with all my crochet projects, dead easy to do:
Chain the right number of stitches to nearly fit around the cup .....

....sorry, I have to interrupt myself here as I have, this week, stumbled upon the most amazing thing:
Now girls, please do bear in mind that I am still relatively new to this crochet-malarky, and so still struggle MASSIVELY with crocheting into the chain - (imagine wonky edges, dreadful tension and lots of swearing, and you'll be somewhere close).

Sooo, imagine my absolute joy to discover the art of chainless foundation- yes, it's a marvellous thing whereby you crochet the chain and the next row all in one! See here.
[I tried taking photos of the process, but you really need to see it in action- what did we do before the days of YouTube?]

Here's what it looks like:

Chainless foundation crochet

Not bad, methinks- no more faffing around, trying to get the bloomin' hook or wool to behave.
Egad, it's a revelation (to me, at least).

Ok, back to where I left off with the cup cosies- once you've made your chain, you then just crochet your chosen stitch forwards and backwards until the correct height is reached.

3 mug cosies

From left to right:
The grey was the same version of the grit stitch that I used for my Vintage Phone case, in the middle, the granny stripe from here and the pink was a version of the pattern for Chloe's dress from here.

I then edged the pieces with single crochet to neaten them up, added a couple of buttons on one side and chain-stitched loops to fasten them on the other.

Mug cosy making Mug cosy making

Job done.

Mug cosy buttons

Feeling cosy, with warm cuppa, but not burning hands on a freshly-poured cup?


Enjoy your week.