Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It all started with bracelets.

Yes, really.
Just look at what you can do if you crochet around them:

Image from My iPhone!
Image from My iPhone! Image from My iPhone!

Pretty cute eh?
I cannot take any credit.
I was just having a mooch around my good bloggy friends, when I found this at Sols(tr)ikke, originally at Lola Nova
Well, I just had to try.
A round of single crochet. A round of double crochet. A round of petals.

Well, after discovering that these fabulous hoops are made from up-cycling old bracelets, I clearly needed to sort out my stash... And believe me, I do have a stash.
Nothing fancy, mind you. Just lots and lots, picked up at cheapo prices (Primark, H&M etc).

New crochet-hoopy-circles sorted.

Now, what to do with the rest?
Cue marvellous idea from here I've been thinking about for ages.

Image from My iPhone!

Sorry? Pardon, Mister?
Where's the kitchen-towel holder?

I seriously have no idea.

Happy mid-week, all.