Wednesday 14 September 2011

It all started with bracelets.

Yes, really.
Just look at what you can do if you crochet around them:

Image from My iPhone!
Image from My iPhone! Image from My iPhone!

Pretty cute eh?
I cannot take any credit.
I was just having a mooch around my good bloggy friends, when I found this at Sols(tr)ikke, originally at Lola Nova
Well, I just had to try.
A round of single crochet. A round of double crochet. A round of petals.

Well, after discovering that these fabulous hoops are made from up-cycling old bracelets, I clearly needed to sort out my stash... And believe me, I do have a stash.
Nothing fancy, mind you. Just lots and lots, picked up at cheapo prices (Primark, H&M etc).

New crochet-hoopy-circles sorted.

Now, what to do with the rest?
Cue marvellous idea from here I've been thinking about for ages.

Image from My iPhone!

Sorry? Pardon, Mister?
Where's the kitchen-towel holder?

I seriously have no idea.

Happy mid-week, all.


  1. Love them. I used to have loads of those bangles but don't think I even have one single one any more. They are really pretty though. x

  2. Verrry nice. Did you draw those pictures in the frames too? ;-) (See now I've made a winky face about it, please don't tell me you actually did draw them, I'll be sick with envy.)

    Fab idea with the kitchen towel holder - I have loads of those bracelets, hardly ever wear them but don't want to get rid of them. I'll crochet around some of them and put the rest on the kitchen roll holder. Clever girl.


  3. Oh yes, I love those frames, too! I've made a few of them after I've seen them on Lola Nova, but I used smaller rings (originally curtain rings). Yours look great with the black and white pictures in them!

  4. What a great idea, I must have some spare bangles somewhere. I love what you did!

  5. Really good idea with the kitchen paper holder. I love the crochets bracelets, very pretty.
    Isabelle x

  6. You are so funny! What a brilliant idea. I am going to steal my holder out of the kitchen right now and re-house my bracelets. Love, love your frames. They are so gorgeous aren't they? I've made a few and can't wait to make more. Having a sort out in the attic last week I found all the kids baby things and amongst them were a whole pile of plastic rings they used to play with. Perfect for this project so I've flogged them too! See you again soon hon. L x

  7. VERY cute picture frames!!! I REALLY MUST learn to crochet!!!

    And thanks for the fantastic kitchen roll holder idea - I have stacks and stacks of bangles stashed away in a draw, when I COULD be using them to make a pretty, colourful display!!! :-)



  8. I saw these recently too... they are really sweet..Hmmm....Christmas pressies....:)x

  9. Again I say ... if only I could crochet!

    Actually I can, just, but I'm still such a beginner I'm not sure I would manage these. Off to practice!

  10. Me is now scanning the cherry tree shops for kitchen roll holder! GENIOUS!!!
    My blog tonight was actually going to include what the hell to do with my jewellery, now that my jewellery tree (or whatever they are called) has broken.
    I shall now incorporate you into that blog somehow.
    Lovely crochet work pet. You sooooo know how to work it baby x x

  11. Oh lord, I can no longer spell GENIUS!
    Just went out for a lunch with wine, has sooooo affected my brain.
    Gem xx x

  12. Gorgeous frames and a brilliant idea! Love the kitchen towel holder idea, the bracelets look very pretty stacked like that. :-)

  13. Fabulous! I'd seen the tute on Lola Nova and wanted to make them, but forgot. Then they popped up in Molly Makes! I've finally sourced some bangles from the charity shop so I suppose I should get crocheting!

  14. lol, your kitchen roll holder idea made me chuckle.Your crochet bracelets are just so pretty.xx

  15. what a fab idea!!!! all very pretty too..xx Pauline

  16. Very cute! Love the pictures you have inside too.

    S x


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