Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I am ...

...laughing with much hilarity at a book my mum bought me.

T'is the season crochet

Christmas Crochet? Could it get any better?!
Here's a selection. Seriously. You'll be wanting to make all of these.

T'is the season crochet
Mother and daughter fluffy-wrappy-thingies?

T'is the season crochet
Door wreath?
Might scare the neighbours.

T'is the season crochet
Doggy coat?
Cute. If you like that sort of thing.
What does the man holding him think, I wonder? Any suggestion?

T'is the season crochet
'Golden Holiday Jacket'?
Actually, I kinda like this.
All joking aside, there are some very good ideas in this book, too.

So, apart from planning to crochet all my friend's dogs doggy jackets, here's what I'm doing:

More of this (see all my technical equipment- biro lid etc):
Stars and crochet
To make these:
Stars and crochet

A bit more of this:
Stars and crochet
(although this might be put to bed for a bit as I make preparations for some Xmas sales)

And some of these:

Stars and crochet
What are they, you wonder?
You'll just have to wait a leeeetle longer.
All will be revealed...

Have a faboo week, all.