Thursday 25 June 2015

The one with a bobble stitch cushion

I've been meaning to get this pattern out for months, I tell you. It's one of those which has been lingering in my design book, waiting for me to take some photos and make a YouTube tutorial to accompany it.
And I've finally done it.

It's not at all difficult and involves a hook, yarn, some double crochet and some bobble stitches. 
And a few buttons.
And a cushion that measures 45cms*

* ok, that's a teeny lie. I used a 45 cm cushion, but this pattern can be easily adjusted for any size- see under the pattern for how to do it.


Bobble Stitch Cushion

Pattern written in UK terms
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
yoh = yarn over hook

To make the bobble stitch:
1) Yoh, hook into stitch, yoh, draw yarn through stitch.
    Yoh, draw yarn through first 2 loops (2 loops on hook)
2) repeat (3 loops on hook)
3) repeat (4 loops on hook)
4) repeat (5 loops on hook)
5) repeat (6 loops on hook) 
6) Yoh, draw yarn through all loops.

You need:
Hook and yarn (what ever you fancy here. I used 4 x balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Glacier (shade 105) and a 12 mm hook.
Buttons (I used 4 x 2.5cm)

Both sides of the cushion are crocheted in rows. At the beginning of each row, turn your work and ch1.

Front of cushion (make 1)

Foundation chain: ch31
Row 1: dc in each st across row (31 sts)
Row 2: dc 3, *bobble in next st, dc 3* repeat from * to * across row
Rows 3-5: dc in each st across row (31 sts)
Row 6: dc 5, *bobble in next st, dc 3* repeat from * to * across row, until you have 5 sts left, then dc 5.
Rows 7-9: repeat row 1
Rows 10-37: repeat the pattern: row 2, then x3 rows of dc, then row 6, followed by x3 rows of dc 

Back of cushion (make 1)
Foundation chain: ch31
Rows 1-37: dc in each st across row (31 sts)

To make up:
Align the front and back pieces with wrong sides together with the bobble side facing you, right-way-up. Beginning at the top left corner and working in a clockwise direction, dc three of the sides together. You will need to put 3 dcs in the corner stitches. Stitch a few buttons along the top of the cushion, on the wrong side of the bobble edge. Use the spaces between the stitches on the back piece as button holes.

To adjust this pattern to fit any cushion, you need to alter the width and height of the front and back panels. To adjust the width, make sure your foundation chain is a multiple of 4 and add 3 more. To change the height, simply add or subtract the total number of rows. 

Enjoy all your crafty endeavours this week,
Sarah xx


  1. I miss you, I keep meaning to write you a long email but there aren't enough hours in the day. How are you? god I think about you a lot. And Shabby as not been in contact with her either.......... Love this cushion. X x x

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this !
    Kate xx

  3. Lovely, love the bobbles in this chunky yarn!
    Jane x

  4. It is fantastic and looks so good in your chair too!! xx

  5. this looks like a gorgeous cushion! I've saved it in my to-do list - I particularly love a chunky project :D and I adore the colour you chose - jenny xx

  6. Will make this immediately love it!

  7. Hello! Just want to say that I found your YouTube tutorial on making a bobble stitch the best I've ever seen - due largely to your use of a Very Large Hook and Very Fat Yarn! For once I could actually SEE �� what you were doing! Thank you for the pattern; I will be starting my bobble cushion right away. One question though - when returning across on the non-bobble rows I have a dreadful time knowing which stitch (or stitches?) to crochet into when I get to the bobble below. Do you have any suggestions? I've looked at many tutorials on the issue, but it's usually very difficult to see what is being done. It's even more difficult to actually locate the stitches I'm to work into on my project. Any help would be appreciated very much.

  8. This crocheted cashmere cushion is so beautiful, I also want one, the tutorial shared by the author is great.


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