Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Makey-bakey and Fab vintage find

Ooooh I love a bit of vintage/second-hand shopping: Finding something that no-one else has, bartering over the price (not in a charity shop, that would be shameful!) and finding a place for it at home, all fill me with a warm glow. Here's one of my recent finds:

A beautiful dresser. Not cheap, but just so perfect and fabulous it makes my heart sing!

Old dresser
Dresser handle

Can't wait to fill it with glassware and take a sledge-hammer to the awful kitchen unit which came with our new-ish house!!

And as for the makey-bakey? Well I just liked these photos of a recent biscuit bake sesh with with the kids..

Before ...
Biscuits uncooked

And after ...
Biscuits cooked!