Sunday 22 May 2011

Just wonderf-owl

I think, through reading so many illuminating, witty and just damn good blogs, I have unwittingly absorbed a new love for all things owl-ish.
I actually didn't realise I had been infected with the bug until I saw this in the charity shop:

Owlish fun

I literally ran to the shelf, grabbed him (yes, my owl is a he) and knew I had to have him. In fact, it was only once I had paid for him and had his heavy little being in my bag, that I knew I had the owl-love thing.

He just looks so good on the mantlepiece (must get rid of Royal Wedding Korknisse).

Owlish fun

Already, I have found myself seeking out all things owl-y; it seems there is no point just having one owl, you need many.

Good grief. Where will it end....? Fellow owl-loving bloggers, I blame you...


  1. Hi, did your owl miss a brother or a sister? Let me have a look this afternoon when I return home. I'll take a shot of mine (it was a gift, the night bird came to me from Graz in Austria), so you both can see if they came from the same nest ;)
    welcome in the owl addicted world.

  2. WOW! your mantlepiece looks great - that mirror is brilliant! Good luck with the crochet! xx

  3. Hi , thanks for your comment :0)
    Love your Korknisse ...I've never seen these before and they are very cute !
    Look forward to seeing your toadstool.
    Jacquie x

  4. Hi,thank you for your lovely comments on my blog i was so blown away. I know what you mean about all this owl stuff, i've yet to see an owl craft i didn't love. Your mantle looks sweet your new friend looks right at home
    Karen xx

  5. hey - love your owl. My lovely friend jane (teawaggontales) would have him painted in pastel colours quicker than a blink!
    (if you haven't already found her look her up - I know i'm biased but it's a beautiful place to visit)
    fee ♥

  6. Just popped over from Bunny Mummy's. I don't know about the owl but your mirror is devine!
    Also I'm loving your toadstool.

  7. Oh you can't beat a bit of owl love ;) It'll be gnomes next LOL


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