Tuesday 27 September 2011

I am ...

...laughing with much hilarity at a book my mum bought me.

T'is the season crochet

Christmas Crochet? Could it get any better?!
Here's a selection. Seriously. You'll be wanting to make all of these.

T'is the season crochet
Mother and daughter fluffy-wrappy-thingies?

T'is the season crochet
Door wreath?
Might scare the neighbours.

T'is the season crochet
Doggy coat?
Cute. If you like that sort of thing.
What does the man holding him think, I wonder? Any suggestion?

T'is the season crochet
'Golden Holiday Jacket'?
Actually, I kinda like this.
All joking aside, there are some very good ideas in this book, too.

So, apart from planning to crochet all my friend's dogs doggy jackets, here's what I'm doing:

More of this (see all my technical equipment- biro lid etc):
Stars and crochet
To make these:
Stars and crochet

A bit more of this:
Stars and crochet
(although this might be put to bed for a bit as I make preparations for some Xmas sales)

And some of these:

Stars and crochet
What are they, you wonder?
You'll just have to wait a leeeetle longer.
All will be revealed...

Have a faboo week, all.


  1. I think they are decorations for a crocheted Christmas tree.
    The Fimo decs are flipping fab, I love them and ashamed as I am to say it I would probably put that coat on my dog if he would lower himself to wear it and not wee on it within five seconds of leaving the house. It makes me sad that I have a dog who won't wear clothes.

  2. How hilarious! Now I love crochet but a door wreath - mmmm nup. I am so in love with your fimo work - it's just gorgeous. I am going to have to find some letter stampy things to give it a go. Can't wait to see what your green pieces turn into - you big old tease!! Have a fab week hon.

  3. Oh I do LOVE the Mother/Daughter wrap thingies!!!

    Joking aside, I will be making a shed load of stars in this fabulous spangly viscose and metallic thread, and in jute with red gingham ribbons. They sold beautifully last years and I was getting orders until Christmas Eve!

    You have really inspired me with the fimo, must get some next time I'm craft shopping, the kids would love it too.

    Looking forward to the reveal!

    Sandra x

  4. Can't guess what they are!!But the green does look Christmas-y!!I lovvee what you are doing with Fimo. That is so smart!!And the blooming flower cushion looks beautiful already!!Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. I got some of those little alphabet cutters in Tesco yesterday in the kids crafting section - little tip just in case any of your followers want to get some and have a go at the Christmas decorations.

    Totally copying you on the decs man, love them. Not certain about that Christmas crochet book although I am all about the Christmas crochet at the minute - currently feeling like one of Santa's little helpers!


  6. mmmmmm Christmas crochet.....nice! Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I have seen so many books like this, I am sure that's why people look at me oddly when I tell them I crochet "YOU? You crochet?" is always the reply. I think they think we sit and use hideous colours to crochet useless tat! Although I do own a book that has a knitting pattern for a swim suit!!! WHHHHHYYYYY!
    Loving the Fimo work. Those letter stamps are fantastic.

  7. What an INTERESTINGH book!!! I may have to get it and make the mother-daughter wraps for me and my mom!?!?

    I LOVE your fimo things! Where did you buy your letter stamps from? I'd really like to give it a try! :-)

    Looking forward to seeing what the green things turn out to be......


  8. Eek the mother/daughter combination is just plain scary. My girls would hide in fear if I made them outfits like that.....

    The green things - are they Christmas Baubles for the tree?

  9. Hahaha how funny! Fab photos!!! I soooo need to have a go at a blooming flower cushion.....it's looking gorgeous! I'm thinking Christmas decorations maybe?! :)

    Jo x x x

  10. I think they're going to be mini Christmas trees, even if they aren't I think that'd be a good idea!

  11. oohh those items in the book are just, well, lovely :-) Hhhmm I bet your mates will love you this year with those doggy jackets :-) Loving your use of technical equipment - a great bit of lateral thinking there :-)

  12. Your stars are going to be cute!! I want to make some :) Hide that book.

  13. I was looking at that book in a shop last week!!! Couldn't for the life of me work out what the clothes have to do with Christmas....aren't some of them just awful!
    I think they are little trees or bulbs for fairy lights and you're just showing the green ones :-)

  14. Yaaargh, my eyes! Wow, that furry fuschia cape thingy. Seriously. Your lil' fimo stars look so cute, though--they look like fancy cookies. Love.

  15. I guess the man with the dog thinks "shit, I've got breasts!" :))

    I love your little glimpses, I think the little green ones might be trees? Maybe they go together with lots of lovely and cheeky christmas korknisse? Can't wait to see more! :)

  16. i quite like the shawly thing too. Not so sure about the dog jacket or the mother and daughter thing. They look a little Kornisse'y - please share soon!

  17. What a fabulous book!
    Your fimo decs are great. Maybe something to add to my to-do list.
    And are the green things going to be Christmas trees?

  18. I agree with Andamento.. definitely mini Christmas trees...maybe? and Barbara.. ha ha ...well I wasn't going to say...but that man definately has some hormone problems.... please do tell Crafted by Carly and me where the letter stamps are from? Great post! :)x

  19. Oooh, intriguing!!

    The ruffle cushion is looking fabby!! Love the fimo tags too....

    S x

  20. Tee hee!
    Yes, I realise now the 'man' with dog is actually a woman!!
    I guess I was totally distracted by the dog's crochet coat.

    I bought my alphabet stamps from a craft shop, but if you search on Ebay (try 'mini alphabet stamps') you'll find something similar.

    Man?.. Honestly..

  21. I have been working on a granny stripe blanket and will be going on the the blooming flower cushion. Yours look lovely. Funny christmas book too!

  22. Funnily enough, my Mum buys me second hand crochet books too! I love the golden holiday jacket, it would look great in a pewter colour. Have fun with the crochet. xx

  23. If you think the book is funny you have to visit this blog. whatnottocrochet.wordpress.com, what not to crochet. It is absolutely hysterical.
    Happy Thursday,

  24. Hmm, are the green things going to be little Christmas trees? I can't wait to see the finished product!

    Your fimo stars look great too! And that book? Hilarious! But with a good eye for seeing potential, I'm sure there are a few things in there that you could make cute!

  25. Hi

    Love the book... the mother/daughter wrap has to be a must!!lol... struggle to get my daughter in pink at any time!

    Looking forward to seeing the little green project finished.

    Love looking through your blog... very inspirational

    Have a good week

    Tabs x

  26. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. You Brits are the best! I always appreciate your comments!

    And my what lovely (cough!) things were in that book. Out of this world they were! Glad you were able to find some humor there. :)

    And yes, a cupcake truck is a splendorous thing!


  27. I kinda LOVE that little doggy sweater! My dog would rip it to shreds, but on the right dog, it's cute. All the other things...hmmmm, not so much! LOL

  28. Just popping in to say Hi and that I'm glad that I've stumbled upon your blog. Also loving your fimo decorations ~ a great idea that I may just have to try out for myself :O)x

  29. I love those fimo decorations - I might have to buy some and have another go with Fimo - they are a great idea!
    Your Christmas crochet book shots made me laugh - I can't believe the fluffy wrap things!
    Looking forward to seeing what your little green crochet pieces will be....my guess is Christmas trees!

  30. great idea to crochet a door wreath! Love it! Nowhere is this not seen before!

  31. my goodness, where did you find that book!? those fluffy collars! looks like you are busy - are you having a sale somewhere?


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