Tuesday 15 November 2011

Crochet Christmas Trees

I'm the happiest Christmas tree, 
Hoo hoo hoo, hee hee hee 
Someone came and they found me, 
And took me home with them!

Crochet Christmas trees

Oh, I'm the happiest Christmas tree, 
Hoo hoo hoo, hee hee hee 
Look how pretty they dressed me, 
Oh, lucky, lucky me! 
Crochet Christmas trees

You might remember their simple beginnings a while back:

Stars and crochet

And many of you clever peeps had guessed correctly, too!

They have taken me an age to finish. For no other reason than being distracted by everything else: 
1. Craft fair/shopping night. Big success. Sold lots- now panicking ever so slightly over need to replenish stocks for more upcoming sales.
2. EBay. Compulsive. (Bob the builder pants sold at a profit)
3. A cowl. For myself. I would actually like to finish it while it is still cold.

Back to the trees.

Fancy making one, or two, or a shelf-ful?

Here's my pattern to make the smallest, squattest tree. 
Want a taller one? The instructions are below too.

If you make some, then do let me know how you get on and don't forget to link back to this post if you mention them on your lovely blogs. 

You'll need:
Whatever hooks and yarn you have to hand
Stitch marker
Felt for base
Beads/buttons etc to decorate

These are crocheted in the round, amigurumi-style and I use US crochet terms

Sc 4 in magic ring (find good tutorials for this on YouTube)
1) [sc, 2 sc in next stitch] repeat around (6 stitches)
2) [sc, 2 sc in next stitch] repeat around (9 stitches)
3) [sc, sc, 2 sc in next stitch] repeat around (12 stitches)
4) [sc, sc, 2 sc in next stitch] repeat around (16 stitches)
5) [sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in next stitch] repeat around (20 stitches)
6) [sc, sc, sc, sc 2 sc in next stitch] repeat around (24 stitches)
7) sc 24
8) [sc 2 tog] repeat around (12 stitches)
9) sc 12
10) [sc 2 tog] repeat around (6 stitches)
11) [2 sc in each stitch] repeat around (12 stitches)
12) [sc, 2 sc in next stitch] repeat around (18 stitches)

Cut a felt circle to stick to the bottom of your tree to neaten things up.

These will stand quite happily on their own, but would also be perfect as tree ornaments too. Just attach some ribbon.

To make your tree taller, insert the following rounds:

2a) sc 9
2b) sc 9

3a) sc 12
3b) sc 12
You get the idea.

Crochet Christmas treesCrochet Christmas trees
Job done.



  1. These are stunningly beautiful!!!!
    What an amazing idea- you are so clever!!

  2. You Christmas trees are absolutely gorgeous. I just have to give these a go. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Anne xx

  3. How darling are these!? Sigh. Every time I read your posts, I always wish I could crochet. I really need to learn how. It's not THAT hard, is it? xo

  4. Emily,
    I have been crocheting for 1 year now.
    I find it easy!
    Do try!!

  5. These are amazing, especially the one in the last photo with the buttons. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us, very lovely of you.

  6. Brilliant, I saw some of these recently with a White chain sewn onto outside to look like snow....looked lovely, yours look better though.

    Well done on your sales.....clever old you!

  7. But I don't have any dark green wool! How can I wait until the right yarn comes to start these little lovlies? I may have to make a white one.. snow covered right? Lovely post...thanks so much for the pattern too... you are a star! :)x

  8. Oh, I really like these! They are so quirky and have character. I do love Christmas trees. I name our real trees every year. Last year we had Gustav.
    I can just about crochet but can't read bloody pattern instructions so am now wishing I live near you so I could nip in for tea, cake and a lesson.
    Well done, they are gorgeous.
    x x x x x x

  9. cuuuute! i love all the different shapes and sizes! <3

  10. These are so lovely! I'm definitely going to bookmark this to come back and make some. I have a book of Chritmas crochet which has a Christmas tree pattern in but i was uninspired - yours are much cuter!

  11. These are so pretty. Even I am making one right now.

  12. ooooo sooo preeeeeddddy! :)
    Your so clever.

  13. These are BRILLIANT - and so it your little poem!!! You're so clever! I especially love the ones with the buttons (of course). :)

    I can't believe you've only been crocheting for such a short time. How did you learn? Did someone teach you? Or did you teach yourself? Can you reccommend a good book that teaches the basics?

    Glad you had a successful show. I'm a similar panic - i've sent out invitations to an 'open house' party on 1st December, and am making, making, making like MAD!!!


  14. Very cute! I love this!
    Merry Christmas!

  15. They are so gorgeous and fun. liz :)

  16. What a beautiful Christmas tree Christmas! I very much like the ones on which the buttons are sewn

  17. Those are so fabulous! Lovely girl, thank you so much for sharing your pattern. That's it, I'm making a bunch of those. It's going to be a crochet Christmas!

  18. Oh my goodness. Aren't they the cutest. Now you know me, I have to have a go. Thanks for the pattern. All my needles and wool has been shipped so will be without them for a month. Arrrgggghhhhh. I might have to make them for next year. You're a clever clever girl and a true inspiration. Xx

  19. They are just too cute!!! I will definitely have a go at some - my small folk will adore them. Clever chook aren't you!

  20. These are adorable! Love their decorations!! I agree with everyone else: CLEVER!!!

  21. These are so sweet! Thanks for sharing

  22. Fabulous trees! I love the chenille one, looks all leafy-like (the technical term, lol!) You have a fab little forest going on!
    Lori x

  23. And yet again I cry ... why can't I crochet properly! Because these are gorgeous and I so very much want to make some some!!

  24. Aaaaaaahw they're so cute! How awesome would it be to get a lot of t-shirtyarn (zpagetti or tarn) and one big-*ss crochet hook, and make a life-size christmas tree this way? :D

  25. I love these, Annaboo! What a sweet holiday treat!

  26. It's been too long since I've visited you, those trees are gorgeous!! (I think I've already guessed it in your teaser post weeks ago). Aahh, those buttons... :))

  27. What a cute group! I love these! It's been said before but bears repeating...You are so clever! Thanks for the pattern(s). I'll need to give these a try! Hugs, Annette

  28. These are so pretty. I love them, thanks for sharing!

  29. Most beautiful christmas trees I've ever seen!!!!
    X Sacha (maarnietvangrijs)

  30. Fabulous trees! I love the chenille one, looks all leafy-like (the technical term, lol!) You have a fab little forest going on! Lori x

  31. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't show up.
    Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog!


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