Thursday 23 February 2012

Crafty Spring Project

Cute wooden house

Well hello there, little fella!
It's one of the Korknisse, here to spread some joy!

How are you all? We haven't seen you for a while.
Oh really? You've been played with by the children and now there's not so many in your number?
And hardly anyone has a matching hat or jumper anymore?
But you do have a lovely, easy, cheapy craft project to show us?
Game on!

Here's what to do:

Ok. First you need to find a little wooden-house-shelf-thingamabob. 
Mine is from my local craft shop. 
Cost £2.99.

Image from Fotolr Photo Studio HD!

You also need these sweet little Chinese Yuxian paper-cuts.
Again, from crafty shop.
Cost £about 3. (not bad-you get 10 in a pack. And they are beautiful)

Cute wooden house

So pretty!

Image from Fotolr Photo Studio HD!

Paint said house-shelf-wotnot with colour of desired hue.
I used white acrylic.
[Not for any other reason than I couldn't be bothered to find the key to the garage and risk my life and limb having to root through the dangerous arrangement of bikes, tools, barbeque paraphernalia and general guff to find the eggshell furniture paint]
Leave to dry.

Cute wooden house

Apply thin coat of PVA glue to wherever you want your designs to be and attach the paper-cut carefully. 
Warning: these cannot be removed without destroying the paper-cut, as they are sooooo delicate.

Cute wooden house

Stand back, and marvel at your handiwork.

Enjoy your evening, all!
Am off to quaff a teeny glass of the red stuff. 




  1. Ribena?

    Great little project, me thinks your craft shop is somewhat more bargainous than ours. You're very clever and have a great eye for beautifying things.

  2. I always love things you make, but with this you have outdone yourself!!!
    Soooo adorable!!!!
    I will be out hunting for supplies myself soon
    (although mines will probably end up looking like a serial killers lair, instead of a cute place where bunnies and Korknisses romp happily)

  3. A lovely little project and displayed beautifully in your last photo. Brought a big smile to my face.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Anne xx

  4. Oh yes, LOVE it!

    Right, am off to Google 'little wooden-house-shelf-thingamabob' owing to distinct lack of local craft shops!


    PS. I think you keep your furniture paint with ours!!!

  5. Such a pretty and simple idea, thanks for sharing with us

  6. Wow , I love your cute makeover ...just the right amount of's gorgeous :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. Oh hello pet! Me thinks that you should show me this crafty shop sometime in the near future.
    Me likey. A lot.
    See you tomorrow. Shall I wear a red carnation?!!!
    Was hoping to make a cake but it hasn't happened. Will see how the morning goes, see you 10.30.

  8. Awww - that's fab! I love it. I'm wondering where I can find one of those house thingys now...
    Hope you enjoyed your gladd of red :-)

  9. As always ~ Love your stuff Girl!!!

  10. Absolutely stunning as always you clever chook! And I loved your description of your garage! Ditto here - it's organised chaos, so I always go for the laziest option.

    Have a fab weekend hon.

  11. Love your shelf. I've been looking for something like that and you found one in your craft shop - how awesome! It looks really good and the papercuts are fab!

    S x

  12. Oooh Sarah this is gorgeous! I need to go to your crafty shop.....what barginous bargains! Love the cut out papers. They are oh-so pretty. You are an inspiring dude chick :D

    Hope you have a great weekend x

    Jo x x x

  13. Oooh too cute, what a great little shelf....fabby indeed.
    nattie x

  14. Oh that is so very pretty, love it :D
    Have a great weekend
    Karen x

  15. Fabulous project!!! And I can't believe you got the little house for that much - what a bargain!!!

  16. I love little shelves like these, and shelves into house shapes?! So cute!! I love the way you decorated it. So inspirational!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Really great idea. Thanks for posting about it.

  18. loGreat shelf project - it turned out so nice.

    I made a few korknisse's for my father-in-law a few years ago. He is a wine maker and he loved them.

    I think they are so cute!

  19. Yay! Good to see a Korknisse back! Such a creative piece of loveliness you made there sweetie.
    Yep, I would love to be let loose in your crafty shop, mine has no such tempting treasures in it, sigh....

    Wonder if Pink Milk found any when googling 'little wooden-house-shelf-thingamabob' to try it:-)

    love Lori xxx

  20. Simply adorable,I have something similar just sitting around, I really should get it out and give it a lick of paint. I love your styling too.

  21. So cute!!!
    Love the little house too, you are lucky to have a great craft shop nearby, such good prices.

  22. Oh my goodness, that's loverly! The little birdy decal thingy is delish. :)

  23. Hi Annaboo,Love your little crafty project,its so cute.hugs juliexxx

  24. Wow! I'm a huge fan of scherenschnitte but I've never seen Yu Xian paper cuts before. I love them! I haven't seen these in craft stores here so I may need to hit E-bay. Thanks for sharing this!


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