Tuesday 6 March 2012

nice things

I love a nice parcel from Missus Postlady.
And I've been lucky enough to have two in the last couple of weeks.
The first was planned:
The purchase of some new yarny stuff.
I've been admiring the lovely Lucy's crochet work over at Attic24 and really wanted some of that fabulous Rico Creative. It took a while, but I found a great supplier. 
Look at the colours. And it's so soft, too!

Lovely yarn

And here's my second basket. Full of gorgeous soft, woolliness.

Lovely yarn

I love a yarny basket.     
I am so rock-n-roll.

Anyhoo, just a little plug for the wonderful and helpful Abby at Crafty Yarn
A pleasure to do business, as they say in the trade.

Now parcel number two was a surprise. (the best kind of parcel, I say)
A while ago I made some wooden blocks for an ex-pupil of mine.
To say thank you, she sent me this:

Gift from Millie's monkeys
Gift from Millie's monkeys

How sweet is that monkey- and look, he matches my sofa perfectly too.
And see the card- it's been a while since I've been called Miss G.
10 years ago, infact. I taught Millie when she was an ickle 10 year old and now she is a proper grown-up and everything. 
And she makes and sells these marvellous sock monkeys.
Go see her!
She's on Facebook and Twitter and Blogger and all things digi-tech-tastic. 

Gift from Millie's monkeys

Well done, Millie. I am very proud of you.

Gratuitous picture of nice necklace found in Charity shop today for 2 quid.

Thrifted necklace

BTW, have just restocked my Arundel Shop. Egg cosies and these cute egg decorations are available to buy.

Crochet Easter eggs

BTW again, the bloke who owns the whole Arundel outfit is a fella called Dennis. He looks like the type of chap you wouldn't mess with, but is a diamond geezer of the right sort. And all those programmes on the Telly where the antiques dealer says things like 'That is my best price. That is my absolute best price. It's got some age. That is my rock bottom price" - all true. Have heard Dennis saying all these things.    

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Good morning! That monkey is very, very cute and the wool lovely.
    I love your necklace, what a bargain price for something so pretty.
    Have a fab day,
    Anne xx

  2. Loving the baskets! Those of us who live a rock & roll lifestyle can never have too many baskets!!!
    And that necklace!!! What a find - it's stunning!!!

  3. Darlin'
    That is an awesome necklace. I am seriously impressed that you found something so lush for such a few pence.
    The sock monkey is tres cool. Love it. MONKEE (trying to say it in a Johnny Vegas voice...but failing).
    I can't wait to see thee!

  4. I've just bought some Rico Creative Cotton Aran on the recommendation and sheer lushness of Cupcake Jo Jo's crochet work. I love it! I know that people complain about it's splittiness but I find it way nicer to work with than the Stylecraft - colours are lovely and it's soft too!

    So... what are you gonna make with it then?! Can't wait to see! xxx

    Love the necklace you picked up btw. Bargain.

  5. Hi Annaboo,Love the new yarn/wool stash,can't wait to see what delights youve got planned with these. The sock monkey's so cute and the necklace what a gorgeous bargain xxx

  6. Wow are you have a good week. yarn yumminess and a gift sock monkey!!!! Love the baskets full of yarn and your new eggs. Have a fantastic week,

  7. Oooh, that yarn is gorgeous, the sock monkey is super cute and I love the charity shop necklace!!

    S x

  8. What a beautiful post! Love the whole thing.

  9. The yarn! I die. Will have to check them out because it looks so soft and cuddly.
    Cute, cute monkey. And the necklace is gorgeous. Good find!

  10. ooooh, I love the wool - the colours are gorgeous and soft. I admit it, I'm a wool addict lol Sam x

  11. What gorgeous wool and such a cute monkey :-) Come on tell us where you got that wool from :-) ?

  12. That necklace is gorgeous!

    The monkey has me singing 'I went to the animal fair' ... it's been that kind of morning!

  13. You're a bad influence on me, LOL ;) I just had to go order some of that yarn!
    They look so delicious!
    What a great find in that thrift shop!! If I didn't live so far away.... like the other end of this island then maybe...
    Beautiful necklace.... and again a bargain!!
    have a good day, Ellyx

  14. Ooooh I have the urge to order some yarny goodness now!!! Lovely post :)

    Jo x x x

  15. Great minds think alike - I've just ordered a load more Rico cotton - it's just brill esp as it's so cheap too! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it (and then possibly copying your no-doubt brilliant idea...)
    Emily x
    PS - yarn/hook/Radio 4/early night - middle aged rock n roll. Kerrrannnng

  16. Oooooooooow I do love a good basket of yarn so seeing not one but two of them on your post just about sent me well and truly over the edge Miss G!!! Can't wait to see what you create with all that yarny goodness. Love, love, love your bargain necklace - it's totally gorgy. T'is totally freezing here today so I was well pleased to find a fabulous merino wool wrap/halter/dress thingamee at my local op shop today. Must dry it in front of the fire so I can wear it tomorrow. Brrrrr. Have a fab week hon.

  17. Glad you liked the monkey MISS G ;)Thankyou for putting this on your blog and for the blocks again! :) xx

  18. Gorgeous sock monkey. Love your eggs, they are beautiful. Great necklace find.

  19. Hey Sarah I love the necklace so PRETTY
    Ella xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooo

  20. Hey Sarah I love the necklace so PRETTY
    Ella xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooo

  21. God I love wool.....I've soooo changed!

    Fab monkey, what a very clever girl, and what a lovely surprise.

  22. Monkey, yarn, necklace,eggs... Love it all!

  23. A luscious blog entry Annaboo, gorgeous yarns,cute monkey, and yummy jewelry....what a lucky gal you are :)

  24. I can't help falling in love with the sock monkey... i believe my boy Ezekiel would fall in love with him...

  25. Oooo woolly heaven! Crafty parcels are the best sort and surprise crafty ones are even better....... that monkey is soooo cute :-)

    Loving the Easter shop goodies, very sweet. Sounds like you're watching a private reality show in the shop every time you're there then :-) I've noticed that the most unlikely looking people are often the loveliest and the ones that look sweet and innocent are usually a bit of a git, odd that!

    Have a great week,
    Lori xxx

  26. That yarn looks delicious!!! What fantastic colors, can't wait to see what you do with it! And that monkey is really cute; what a sweet gift!

  27. Hi there. Just found your blog via Country Rose and I love it. Love all your crochet and pics and everything. Very happy to now be a follower!

    I'm very jealous of your meet up, it looked like so much fun and I wish I had something like that here in Belfast.

    Helen xx


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